Designed Healthy Living

June 20, 2019

Designed Healthy Living

​Designed Healthy Living

​Are you ready to reap the rewards of your hard work and enter retirement years?

This is the time to slow down, enjoy the pleasures in life, and live life to the fullest!

Unfortunately, not many people are able to reach their dreams of having an enjoyable retirement…

Their health, at this point, are not at its best, so they are missing out. Seniors who have a failing health do not get the chance to live out their retirement years with energy, vitality, pleasure, and joy.

But this does not have to be your story.

The choices you make today, the choices you make in your younger years, will surely impact your  50’s, 60’s, 70’s.

Guess what? It is not too late to get started and put your health back on the right track!

Let’s go build healthy, new cells to start enjoying your life because you deserve it!

​Cells Reborn - Yes, It IS Possible!

​There are millions of cells in our bodies.

These cells tell your body how to carry out every single function it performs.

But as we age, these cells die and end up being damaged. This makes you more susceptible to diseases and infections.

This is why you need to build your immune system to start giving your body the defense it needs to fight these ailments.

You can make a difference to start working towards your health and there are only THREE steps to make this happen.

Begin strengthening your immune system, so you can have a fruitful, happy, and meaningful senior year!

​Step One – Have A Good Foundation

​Did you know that more than 80% of all ailments are linked with poor diet and lifestyle?

This is good news for you because these things are completely within your control.

You have heard people giving you suggestions before but today, you can start going towards what works for you.

Follow a diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables, whole grains, as well as nuts and seeds that can build your immune system. This is how you can control your diet and enjoy your later years.

According to the USDA, you need to consume 2 to 3 times of the recommended servings for fruits and vegetables.

While this may not seem too practical for many people, the lead researcher at the

University of California, Berkeley, Dr. Bruce Ames, stated that  “More than fifty genetic diseases could be successfully treated with by megavitamins therapy and because aging involves biochemical deficiencies, megavitamins may help perk up an increasingly older population”.  

In this case, you need to start supplementing your body with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

The first part of a good foundation is to start taking a multi-vitamin that is formulated for seniors.

The megavitamins stated in the study was a good multivitamin.  

In the same year, the Harvard Medical School recommended that everyone must take a multivitamin daily, regardless of their health status or age.

Dr. Dean Hamer, the US National Cancer Institute Chief of the Gene Structure and

Regulation stated that “An ounce of prevention is worth $20,000 of pharmaceuticals.”

What this means is that healthy men and women 65 years and above who take multivitamins experience a pronounced improvement in their problem-solving ability, memory, attention, and abstract thinking.

Dr. Chandra, from the Memorial University in Newfoundland, discovered that  men and women have enhanced  capacities to live well and independently without major disability, thanks to the vitamin and mineral they are taking.

Additionally, these multivitamins  improved immunity.

Illnesses that are linked with infections occurred at less than 50 percent of the rate, as compared with the placebo.

Dr. Chandra additionally noted the cost effectiveness and convenience of taking nutritional supplement to prevent or even delay illness. Functional decline among the elderly was also prevented.

Dr. Chandra calculated that for every one dollar spent on buying the supplement, there is a savings of $28 in health care costs!

Thus, eating healthy and taking the right multivitamin will help you build the best foundation for enjoying your golden years in life.

​Step Two – Taking Antioxidants

Taking Antioxidants

Antioxidants offer a shield that will protect your precious cells from damages.  

While your body makes some of its own antioxidants, there are others that are needed in the diet.

This chart shows the different antioxidants including their benefits to the health, suggested dosage, possible side effects, and their deficiency symptoms.




​deficiency symptoms

​side effects


  • ​Needed for cells to reproduce properly
  • ​Required for vision
  • ​Promotes growth and maintenance of skin, bones and reproductive organs
  • ​Helps build resistance to respiratory infections
  • ​Boost immunity
  • ​Protects against cancer
  • ​Useful in treating acne and psoriasis
  • ​Promote healthy thyroid function
  • ​Prevent basal cell carcinoma

RDA – 3,000 IU for men
2,300 IU for women

  • ​Night blindness
  • ​Loss of adaptation to the dark
  • ​Dry eye disease
  • ​Stay in the eye
  • ​Increased susceptibility to infection
  • ​Sinus and bronchial infections
  • ​Drying out of the skin
  • ​Loss of taste and smell
  • ​Leads to loss of appetite
  • ​Loss of vigor
  • ​Defective teeth and gums

​Over age 65 no more than 15,000 IU of vitamin A

Beta Carotene

Those with:

  • ​Cystic Fibrosis
  • ​Chronic Illness
  • ​Intestinal mal-absorption

​Protects against:

  • ​Various forms of cancer
  • ​Enhances immune system

20,000 – 50,000 IU
It is non-toxic, no RDA has been established

Beta-carotene is not an essential nutrient so it is not possible to develop a true deficiency.

​May cause problems in people with liver and kidney disease although no solid studies have proven this.

B Complex
All 8 B vitamins

  • ​Converts carbs into energy
  • ​Promotes growth
  • ​Aids digestion
  • ​Essential for nerve tissues, muscle and heart
  • ​Essential for transmission of certain nerve signals between the brain and the spinal cord
  • ​Repels insects and mosquitos
  • ​Lowers homocysteine levels treats chronic fatigue syndrome
  • ​Useful in people with severe burns
  • ​Chronic diarrhea
  • ​Cirrhosis of the liver
  • ​Cancer
  • ​Maintains a healthy nervous and digestive system
  • ​Essential for normal growth
  • ​Healthy skin
  • ​Lowers bad cholesterol and triglycerides levels
  • ​Raises good cholesterol
  • ​Weight reducing agent
  • ​Aid wound healing

A good B Complex with a minimum of 100% RDA for each one while some may have high levels.

  • ​Pernicious anemia
  • ​Depression irritability
  • ​Senile dementia
  • ​Chronic fatigue
  • ​Poor appetite
  • ​Diabetes
  • ​Thyroid disease
  • ​Sores in corner of mouth
  • ​Eczema
  • ​Dry skin
  • ​Muscular weakness
  • ​Increase in cataract formation
  • ​Lack of stamina
  • ​Moodiness
  • ​Irritability
  • ​Recurring headaches
  • ​Indigestion
  • ​Bad breath
  • ​Respiratory infections
  • ​Muscle cramps
  • ​Adrenal exhaustion
  • ​Gout
  • ​Graying hair
  • ​Low blood sugar
  • ​Dermatitis
  • ​Tingling in hands and feet
  • ​Acne
  • ​Reduced resistance to infections

​Consult a doctor if taking anti-epileptic drugs

Vitamin C

  • ​Antioxidant
  • ​Lower risk of stroke
  • ​Formation and maintenance of collagen
  • ​Wound healing and burns
  • ​Absorption of iron and calcium
  • ​Resistance to infection
  • ​Raises good cholesterol
  • ​Relieve cold and flu

1,000 – 2,000 mg. depending on need

  • ​Scurvy
  • ​Bruising easily
  • ​Tooth decay
  • ​Bleeding gums
  • ​Nosebleeds
  • ​Painful joints
  • ​Anemia
  • ​Poor wound healing
  • ​Lowered resistance to infection
  • ​Weakening of connective tissue
  • ​Easily fractured bones
  • ​Weakened arteries
  • ​Extreme muscle weakness

​No side effects, however large doses may reduce the effectiveness of the contraceptive pill.

Vitamin D

  • ​Enhances absorption of calcium
  • ​Necessary for thyroid function
  • ​Cell membrane fluidity
  • ​Prevention of cancer
  • ​Protects from heart disease
  • ​Protects from autoimmune arthritis
  • ​Enhances absorption of calcium
  • ​Necessary for thyroid function
  • ​Cell membrane fluidity
  • ​Prevention of cancer
  • ​Protects from heart disease
  • ​Protects from autoimmune arthritis

1,000 IU – 5,000 IU

New studies show everyone is now deficient in vitamin D and should have their blood levels tested.

​New studies show no side effects.

Vitamin E

  • ​Powerful antioxidant
  • ​Slows rate of mental decline
  • ​Lower the risk of developing Alzheimer’s
  • ​Reduces scarring from burns or surgery
  • ​Relieve menopausal symptoms
  • ​Increases stamina
  • ​Improves the action of insulin

400 – 1,200 IU, only use the natural form:
d-alpha tocopherol

  • ​Faulty fat absorption
  • ​Anemia in premature infants
  • ​Degeneration of the brain and spinal cord
  • ​Decrease in sex hormones
  • ​Higher risk of skin cancer

​Do not take with warfarin or aspirin.

Co Q 10

  • ​Powerful antioxidant needed in every cell of the body


  • ​Congestive heart failure
  • ​Angina
  • ​Cancer
  • ​Diabetes
  • ​Muscular dystrophy
  • ​Obesity
  • ​Slows progression of Parkinson’s
  • ​Prevents aging skin

Up to 300 mg daily. More if working with a professional.

  • ​None specified.

​Should be taken with cholesterol lowering drugs.


  • ​Treats asthma, allergies and coughs
  • ​Stimulates circulation in the brain, ears and other parts of the body
  • ​Antioxidant
  • ​Boost memory
  • ​Improves attention and concentration

Average dose is 40-60 mg.

  • ​None specified

​No toxicity. Not for pregnant women.


  • ​Boost overall immune function
  • ​Protective effect on the body during radiation exposure
  • ​Enhance mental acuity and physical endurance
  • ​Helps liver detoxify harmful toxins

An average dose is 100 mg.

  • ​None specified

​Do not take Siberian ginseng. Use Panax ginseng instead.


  • ​Anti-inflammatory
  • ​Prevents arteries from constricting
  • ​Decreases stickiness of blood platelets
  • ​Increases memory
  • ​Reduces fat cells
  • ​Boost energy and endurance in muscle cells
  • ​Improved coordination
  • ​Stroke prevention
  • ​Cardio protector
  • ​Anticancer effect
  • ​Brain protection
  • ​Helps with diabetes
  • ​Joint health
  • ​Slows aging
  • ​Protect and repair cellular DNA
  • ​Antioxidant

Depends greatly on product and purity.
If using Vivix™ the dose will be 100 mg. If not using Vivix then the dose will need to be decreased or upset stomach will occur.

  • ​None specified

​None noted.

Step Three - Increase Your Protein Intake

There are people who enjoy devouring a nice steak with their buttery mashed potatoes.

But there are much better protein sources that will help you during your senior years.

These protein sources include soy and whey. While these proteins function differently in your body, there are amazing results from these foods, particularly when you obtain these from reputable companies.

You will experience more stamina, an enhanced bone density, minimized risk of cardiovascular disease, and better muscle tone.

Your immune system will also become much stronger.

With a high-quality protein powder added to your smoothie, you can build your stamina, endurance, and enjoy the life you have always wanted.

Fewer calories are also necessary during your senior years, so you need to maintain a healthy weight while getting all the nutrients your body needs.

​Conclusion – Dream, Live, Thrive!

​Everyone has dreams of living a good life.

But the challenge is in what you do to your body each day.

If you want to become healthy and thrive, you need to care for your health.

So keep working towards your health, strive to live a better life, and you will enjoy your senior years without a doubt!

Information compiled from:

An Evidence Based Approach to Vitamin and Minerals, Dr. Jane Higdon, 2003 Thieme New York.

The New Anti-Aging Revolution, Dr. Ronald Klatz & Dr. Robert Goldman, 2003 Basic Health

Publications, NJ.

The Real Vitamin & Mineral Book, Dr. Shari Lieberman and Nancy Bruning, 2003 Penguin Group, New York.

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