3 Rules Anyone can Eat With

June 11, 2019

​3 Rules Anyone can Eat With

3 Rules Anyone can Eat With

​There are DOZENS of diets proliferating media today.

There’s the Keto diet, HCG diet, lose weight as you sleep diet, grapefruit diet, etc, etc.

New rules, new restrictions, and a whole lot of things involved with these diets. It’s almost like being in prison and not enjoying the diet anymore because you feel deprived of your love to eat!

Years back, I was in that situation of trying out every diet under the sun.
Yes, they worked for a while, but the effects never lasted. It was definitely just momentary and temporary.

As for my body, I gained weight, lost some, and regained them. My energy was up and down because my weight was up and down. I felt like a yoyo - never stable.

The bottom line - diets don’t work. At least those diets I have tried.

There is always something missing in those diets and it is this question that was never answered by any of those.

“If my purpose in this life is to love God, shouldn’t there be a guideline from Him that will match me completely, being His creation?”
So it dawned on me…

The answer came and it was plain and simple:

The rules to eating are simple and parallel to God’s purpose for me.
I’ll share these with you, so you don’t have to go through periods of confusion and yoyo dieting that do more harm than good for you.

3 Simple Rules to Eating and Enjoying Food

3 Simple Rules to Eating and Enjoying Food

​Yes, there are only THREE things to remember to actually love eating and enjoy it while getting positive results to your health.

Here are those three principles.

​1. Eat food as God created it for you to enjoy and eat.

​Very simple, right?

God created food that is natural and in its pure form. These include nuts, fruits, vegetables, grains.

Now, do you need to consume these raw? Will cooking them no longer make the food just as how they were designed to be eaten?

No, what I mean by this is that the less processed food is, the better and the healthier it is for you.

So you can go ahead and enjoy bread and even dairy as long as these do not contain nasty chemicals nor have they undergone a lot of procedure to process them and remove their vital nutrients.

2. Eat food with very little alteration, so it still resembles its appearance as when God created it.

​Success on a Diet Is Yours When You Do These Things

Nowadays, “instant” has become a common thing.

There’s instant meal from the Drive-Thru or frozen section in the supermarket.

You can also find packaged food items that are loaded with chemicals, additives, and various other ingredients that they no longer look like how they were created by God.

With so much alterations that these food items have undergone, and with the amount of chemicals in them, it is not surprising that various diseases are also on the rise.

There are more people now who suffer from obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and so much more.

Just like what it says in the Bible…

“There is a way that seems right to a man(such as additives, flavor enhancers, etc), but in the end it leads to death.” - Proverbs 14:12

This is why food that fits this second principle is plain and simple - anything but processed foods.

If you like your bread, you don’t have to eliminate it from your diet.

But you should make it a point to make your own bread. Mill the wheat, bake your bread with all-natural ingredients…

You can add grains into your diet but just be sure these are real grains and not the ones that are overly processed and loaded with chemicals.

If you like meat and dairy, choose ones that are not injected with hormones but those that came from organic sources.

​3. Don’t make food your God.

How do you know when food is already becoming your God?

When you do nothing but think about them all day or the desire to consume these things is so strong and constant.

You may love your chips and coffee but if you crave these each day and actually go the distance by consuming them regularly without fail, it may be an issue.

Being addicted to food is like serving these food items as your God.

You can’t last a day without them, and this is where the problem starts.

Your actions, behaviors, and thoughts are consumed by these food items. With an addiction to food, this makes it harder to pursue a life that’s directed towards God.
In the Bible, it even says:

“You shall have no other gods before me.” - Exodus 20:3

So reflect on your relationship with food.

Are you making it your God or do you use food to get you closer to God?

Healing Food Addictions is the Secret to a Healthy, Happy life

Healing Food Addictions is the Secret to a Healthy, Happy life

In the words of John Piper, “What we hunger for, we worship.”

This is very true when it comes to having an addiction to food. It was also something I have gone through, which was a very difficult experience.

My relationship with food, with God, and with myself was at a problematic space…

Until I changed my way of thinking and my life.

The 3 simple principles are what help me continue to thrive being health, and it’s not just for a week, a month, or 3 months.

It is a commitment.

And after applying these 3 simple rules to eating, I was able to experience all of these for more than 10 years of continuous effort in adhering to these principles:

  • ​I lost 50 pounds and kept them off!
  • I have stopped taking prescription meds since 2003.
  • I achieved greater vitality and energy.
  • I stopped doing diets!

For the most part, I achieved total freedom while reaping amazing results to my health!

​Set Your Plan and Get the Help You Need

​Set Your Plan and Get the Help You Need

​So it’s all about taking action.

When you have a plan and take action, anything is absolutely possible.

This is why I recommend two books for you to read to learn more about these simple rules and how to actualize the teachings they behold.

One, go read Dr. Rex Russell’s What the Bible Says about Healthy Living to have a healthier relationship with food and get positive results.

Two, check out Treasures of Healthy Living Bible Study, which I’ve written and published.

This is packed with tastimonies… God’s food for the soul that he gives us to enrich our lives and share with others.

Go ahead and get the inspiration and direction you need from these books, be consistent with the positive actions you take and reap amazing results to your body, mind and spirit!

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