What Does the Bible Say About Eating Meat – Episode #139

Discover what the Bible says about eating meat
Should you eat meat or not? Here’s what the Bible says about eating meat that you might want to know!

The questions today are all about eating meat in the Bible. This is such a popular topic. And it has been in my entire life as a Christian, this topic has always come up and as I was growing up. Well, we’re gonna talk about that today.

1. Would it be best to eat the original vegan diet that God planned for man? And is there any scripture as to why God then allowed us to eat animals?

There are many specialists who would agree that a vegan diet was God’s original design and and it’s true, there’s no there’s no claiming it wasn’t. Yet there is no scripture as to why God allowed animals. We have lots of speculation, although it’s very clear that he did allow animals to be eaten. Remember Jesus came to earth and he ate lamb fish and possibly other meats?

So, there’s no specific scripture as to the why. But there are plenty of scriptures as to what – eat this, don’t eat that. That part is very clear, Old Testament New Testament, they are both in agreement to what God designed for us. Remember, God wanted the Israelites to be set apart, to be healthier and to be more fit. And that’s always going to be accomplished by eating what God told us to eat.

2. I’m on a plant-based diet – will the inner circle group be suitable for me?

Every successful person has their own inner circle. It’s a person or a group of people who inspire, motivate, encourage and propel you to be the greatest person that you see from the outside looking in. Now, with that being said, the inner circle is a coaching and learning membership program. And it’s designed for personal application of God’s design of the life and the health that he created you to enjoy.

So with that being said, what it does is it connects your beliefs, behaviors and results. Eating a plant based diet is totally encouraged. Yet, so is a Mediterranean diet. And we’re going to talk about that in the coaching calls. The inner circle is about mindset beliefs and eating for a matter of nourishment, not sabotage.

3. Are clean meats and unclean meats still relevant today?

The laws that God gave his children were for their good, God wanted his children to be set apart. Throughout history, it has been proven, especially during years of the bubonic plague, that the Jewish people were actually not getting sick. They weren’t getting the plague. God wanted his children to be set apart, even in their health.

I personally do believe the guidelines in scriptures have never been changed. I have three videos on this subject to answer why I believe that way.

4. How do you not become legalistic in your eating?

Legalism is when we put rules above the relationship. Now, specifically our relationship with God. It’s like being a faricy. Well, remember the Pharisees added to Scripture, they added burdens on people. And that became legalistic, they did not focus on what God told them to do, and how to be set free in their eating.

My relationship with food, and God is always being reviewed, especially since I’m teaching this every single day. What I eat has nothing to do with my salvation, and I’m saved by grace, and Jesus took my sins on the cross.

So no food or eating plan is going to change this design, this amazing design that God has. It is my desire to eat as healthy as possible. And with all of man’s rules that change every three to four years, it can be confusing. God never designed confusion. It’s simple.

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