How to be Healthy Naturally and Biblically – Episode #140

Wondering how to be healthy naturally?
Here are ways to achieve health naturally and biblically to help you be the best you can be!

Today’s questions are all about how to be healthy naturally.

Now, are you ready to get started?

1. Will the Bible diet help cleanse the body and help read disease like cancer?

The Bible diet is eating foods and God called good for us. That means no lab experiments. No fake foods remain the foods that God designed for us our basic nutrition, and exactly what this body needs. When we are hungry and not grazing all day long on food, our body can utilize the foods and help every system in our body do its job. Our body was designed to detox naturally.

And that is why we don’t eat at night to give our body a chance to catch up. And that is why Jesus expected us to fast garden designed foods such as vegetables, legumes, beans, and whole grains. And they were the mainstay for the children of Israel. They were high in fiber and you know I love fiber fiber is a natural source to keep our digestive system cleanse correctly. A healthy digestive system is the beginning of health.

2. Is there ever a “No return to good health”?

When you study the body, it is incredible the science that is involved in how the body was designed to heal. Every system of your body has a program for healing. Yet, if we keep medicating and eating fake foods, the body doesn’t have the key nutrients that are necessary to heal.

Now, this month in our inner circle…, we are focusing on fasting, everything you ever wanted to know about fasting is being covered in this course.

It helps to know what you can do to reach good health. And that is this number one, get blood work order it yourself take charge of your own health. And you can look on my website and look for blood tests… under my resources and it tells you how to do it.

3. How do I lose weight Without sagging skin under my neck?

This is a good question. And this happens more with older people, or those with more than 100 pounds to lose. Now, first of all, never let sagging skin in the neck stop you from losing weight, it is very important to get the excess weight off. The excess weight is linked to more diseases than many people realize, especially cancer.

Number two do intermittent fasting. It has helped them with better skin tone than when people are losing weight. And number three, eat good healthy foods, no junk foods, no fake foods. Number four never eat sugar again.

4. How do I overcome food addiction?

This is a question many people want to know what they’re really looking for an answer to? And this answer is simpler than it is complicated. Food addiction starts in the mind. It all comes down to our mindset. No one can make you do what you don’t want to do. The same is true with eating, we need to discover why there is a food addiction in the first place.

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