Lentils In The Bible The Story of Jacob and Esau – Episode #144

What do lentils and a Jacob and Esau feud have to do with your life?
This compelling story reveals how large rewards emerge when you wait and grow in patience a little more each week. Here’s how

Today it’s time for another taste and see moment where we can take scriptures and stories from the Bible, learn that the significance of them not only in our spiritual walk better and our nutritional walk, and then we can share it at the dinner table and therefore remind our family, all the guy does to show us how much he loves us.

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So today our story is about Jacob and Esau. They’re twin brothers: Esau was the oldest, but by only a few seconds and then Jacob came out holding the heel of Esau.

Jacob and Esau – A Tale of Two Brothers

Well, as you remember this story, there was a little bit of parental favoritism that was being shown. Isaac loved Esau and Rebecca loved Jacob. Isaac was a man of hunting, a man of the field. He loved his game. And Rebecca, she loved the house, she loved cooking, she loved everything about that. And of course the children, you know, shown that those same desires as well.

Bible Verses for Waiting – Why You Should Wait Patiently

In the story, Esau was out hunting and he came in and he was famished. So he came in just totally starving and Jacob had just finished making a big pot of red lentils. Jacob, being the younger one, says to Esau to sell him his your birthright and he’ll give Esau this pot of stew. Esau figured what good is a birthright when he’s starving? And so they made the covenant and exchanged their gifts. And so what we have here is Jacob made this big pot of lentils and a loaf of bread and Esau said, sure, you can have my birthright. What could is it for me anyway?

Esau did not know the things that await him by giving away his birthright. He lacked the spiritual discipline to wait and be patient. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RBwep…

You can look this up in Genesis. Genesis 20:25 and 26. Now,here’s our takeaway from this story and this is what I want you to get from this. What are we giving away today that is valuable for something that’s worth very little. In fact, in the King James version, it uses the word pottage for the stew and pottage has become familiar, has become known as a word. That means it’s become a metaphor to describe giving away something of value in exchange for something very little.

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait (And the Opposite For Those Who Don’t)

There are many other Bible verses on waiting on God and why you should wait patiently.

But some people choose not to stay and await the rewards of waiting on God’s timing. They give in to their impulses to do otherwise.

This is where problems start to arise and we break people’s trust in us.

Today we have people who were giving away their marriages for a little bit of adultery. We have people who are giving away their marriages because they’re hooked on pornography. They no longer take care of their body, which the temple of the Holy Spirit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0sU5a…,

Each one of these decisions is breaking apart what God has designed and any time we break apart what God designed, it’s going to hurt and it can hurt for a long time until we go back to God and receive the healing that he has for us. And that’s the good news. So be careful that we don’t give away something of value, which could be God’s word. Don’t give away God’s word for something man is trying to teach you otherwise.

I hope you learned something from these Bible verses and Bible encouragement I have shared with you.

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