The Seven Foods of the Promised Land

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If you love Scripture and food, then this book is for you. There are specific reasons God choose the particular foods for the Promised Land. Those reasons apply to us today.
Without telling you the reason, we can say, that this book will open your eyes to seeing God’s amazing grace.

The Land of Plenty

Why these seven foods? Did it matter?

Yes, it did! And in this book Annette teaches not only the incredible nutritional value of each food, but she connects the spiritual. Then she layers on the reason God chose these specific foods! As you learn and make the recipes included, your family will be blessed nutritionally and spiritually!

In this full-color book, you’ll learn about the seven foods of the Holy Land: wheat, barley, grapes, figs, pomegranates, olives, and dates. You’ll also discover the nutritional benefits of each food and how they can be used in today’s recipes!

Each chapter includes a study into Scripture that will help you reflect on the spiritual significance of each food. You’ll also find 32 delicious recipes that you can make at home. Whether you’re a foodie, a Bible lover, or simply looking for healthy and delicious recipes, The Seven Foods of the Promised Land is a must-have book!

These seven foods were more than just food to the Israelites. They were a symbol of God’s provision and blessing!

A Look Inside!

The Seven Foods of the Promised Land book is a unique and inspiring guide to eating well and growing closer to God.  As you eat these foods, you’ll be reminded of His provision and goodness!

Order your copy of The Seven Foods of the Promised Land today and start enjoying the benefits of these amazing foods!

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6 reviews for The Seven Foods of the Promised Land

  1. Kim D.

    Loved reading this book and learning about the Foods of the Promised Land! Most of the recipes look amazing and can’t wait to try them out : )

  2. Ginny Porrata

    Annette has brought all the foods together for a fabulous narrative cookbook that speaks to God’s people about these food He called good! I was eagerly waiting for this to come out as I knew it would be just what I needed to make fun recipes for all the festivals and book club, church suppers, & neighborhood pot lucks. I never knew what to do with barley except in soups until this book! My favorite recipe so far is the Promise Land Salad! I’m ordering more to give as gifts for birthdays and hostess gifts! You have to get at least one! You will be as blessed by it as I am!

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