Overcoming Compulsive Eating

September 7, 2022

Overcome Compulsive Eating

Good for you! You may have come to this page in secret. You are suffering from an eating disorder. Food has become a god. Food consumes thoughts and leads to emotional havoc. I know. I was there.

I had to discover not only the lies of what kept me in this state but also the lies of why I choose to stay. But we both know the lies can be comfort. It is what we know and have lived for many years. Stepping out of the compulsive eating arena is scary.

Let me tell you the truth. You were created to be FREE of compulsive eating. And it will be the greatest breakthrough ever imagined. It will take a commitment on your part - not will-power. It will take a mindset like Daniel - Daniel made up his mind. You can be Daniel! You can be set free!Say that with me - I am set free from the god of food. I am set free from the all-consuming thoughts of food.  Just saying those words is will-power, believing those words is freedom.

Are you ready to tackle this once and for all?

I pray these notes help you be set FREE and able to enjoy every meal with the love of Jesus.

Don’t believe these lies: 

Lie #1: I AM MY BODY Some believe they are their bodies and that they will not be acceptable and worthwhile until their bodies carry less weight. 1 Samuel 16:7 

Lie # 2: I CANNOT CHANGE Some feel powerless and out of control about food, their bodies, themselves and their potential to change. Isaiah 40:29 

Lie # 3: I WILL BEVER BE GOOD ENOUGH Some never feel good enough, smart enough, responsible enough, or perfect enough. Psalm 34:4

Lie # 4: I AM ALL ALONE Some feel alone, unlovable or feel discounted. 1 John 4:12, Proverbs 8:17

Lie #5: I CANNOT FORGIVE MYSELF. Some feel unable to forgive themselves for overeating. Acts 26:18 

Recovery is a process, not a quick fix.

Healing comes by being able to give healthy responses to questions: 

  • Who am I? 
  • What are my own thoughts, ideas, values, and feelings? (Compulsive overeaters are typically people pleasers–not able to voice their own opinions)
  • What are my own wants and needs?
  • What scares me, angers me, pleases me, saddens me?
  • What can I do when I feel fear, anger, joy or sorrow besides eating?
  • How can I stop obsessive thoughts and compulsions from eating?
  • What stresses me and makes me tense?
  • What can I do when I feel tense and stressed besides eating?
  • How can I ask for what I need and want?
  • How can I learn to accept that I have a right to ask for what I need and want?
  • How can I learn not to abandon myself all the time for the sake of others?
  • How can I learn to accept myself and be patient and harmless with myself as I heal?
  • How can I learn to forgive myself?

It is hard work to overcome overeating, but with hard work, it can happen and lead to a life that is free and fulfilling. It is like coming home.

You must trust God daily for deliverance, trust yourself, accept yourself, and nourish yourself. 

This will allow you to break free from compulsive overeating by learning to eat what you want and trusting yourself to make healthy choices and healthy proportions.

Recovery from an eating disorder is probably the most arduous task you will ever face. At times, it may seem impossible to you. Recovery demands every resource and every bit of courage you can muster.

Unfortunately, wanting to get better is not enough. You must change both your mind-set and your behavior; one without the other is not enough. And you must face the substance that represents so much to you and frightens you the most: food.

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12 Steps to Recovery 

  1. Admit it – eating and thought of eating are out of control 
  2. Believe 2 things – change is possible and “I deserve to have a better life.” 
  3. Decide to change. Decide to tolerate whatever feelings come up. 
  4. Inventory problems needing to be addressed. Write symptoms: how you eat, how you exercise, how you punish yourself for eating, how you try to lose weight, how you degrade and criticize yourself and try to be perfect. 
  5. Share your inventory from number 4 with someone who can help. 
  6. Develop a plan – keep it simple. Include attainable goals – not overly ambitious or complicated. Identify one problem and work on it. 
  7. Fake it till you make it! Believe you are going to feel better. It may take a long time but believe, anyway. Anxiety will disappear, obsessing over it or avoiding change makes it worse. 
  8. Take life one day at a time or one meal at a time. If you have trouble, start again. Give yourself another chance. Very few people can climb straight up a mountain. 
  9. Build in some rewards for your efforts. Recovery is hard work. Soothe yourself. List rewards and allow one every day. 
  10. Talk about how you feel as you make changes. As you change your behavior, more feelings will surface. To understand these feelings talk, talk, talk, write, write, write in your journal. 
  11. Keep on changing. Each week, review inventory and decide which one to attack. 
  12. Believe in yourself and give yourself credit.

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Sample Plan – 10 Point Contract 

Give yourself one point daily for each item completed. Strive for a 10 point day. This contract is more important than the weight on the scale.

This is just a sample – design your own contract. My contract with myself for success. I will:


  1. Journal my feelings. The Hunger Satisfied Journal is designed for this.
  2. Do something that feels good and is healthy every day.
  3. Eat at the table every meal and snack – no eating on couch, in bedroom, at computer or playing games.
  4. Eat at healthy times of the day and stick to these times.
  5. Exercise daily. 
  6. Use the Hunger Satisfied Journal to keep all these steps in one place and to monitor your success and credits.


Repeat these statements to myself a minimum of 5 times each daily.

  1. I can do this with God.
  2. I love my body – just as it is.
  3. I love the Lord and He created me in His image.
  4. Change is possible.
  5. I deserve a healthy mind. 

Suggested Supplements:

  • Whole food multi-vitamin (Savings code: 34828)
  • Protein – High quality protein powder
  • B- Complex – extra is needed to overcome sugar cravings and mood swings
  • Vitamin C – in addition to the multi vitamin
  • Vitamin E – in addition to the multi vitamin
  • Zinc
  • Omega 3 fish oil (savings code: 34828) - Many food cravings are brain/gut initiated, the brain needs healthy fats to satisfy food control. 
  • BalanceZyme Plus (savings code REEDR10)- formulated with chromium and herbal extracts for weight management and appetite help.

Living In Freedom

Being free indeed is a daily choice. It continually recognizes who you are in Christ and celebrating that freedom. We pray in that freedom. We don't pray in the confines of slavery.

Lord, I thank you for the freedom you have given me. Lord, I thank you for letting me enjoy life and eat for nourishment. Lord there is so much I can now do because of the freedom you have given me.

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  • I am new to your way of eating. I am a born again, spirit filled Christian who has tried many ways of eating for health. I am not overweight or underweight. I’m 71, grandma, living alone with health issues that prevent me from living the abundant life Jesus provided for me. Do you include fish, meat etc? All I see looks like vegetarian?? Lovely recipes and you look amazing. Interested but still searching.

    • Hello Mariella, Abundant life comes from within not from our circumstances. For eating purposes ask, What did Jesus eat? That answers the question about fish and meat. Thanks for visiting.

  • Thank you for the article. I have overcome and on my way to freedom! I want a life of good quality. I started this journey to overcome overeating in May this year even though it was a long time coming. I had started with some of the pointers you mentioned but I was feeling stuck and didn’t know what else to do and how. So now I keep on going. God is good.

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