Top 10 Gifts that Inspire Christian Women: Holiday 2022

November 15, 2021

holiday gift guide

It is that time of year again - the season of gifts! Here is my gift guide for 2021!

Whether you celebrate Hanukkah or Christmas - I am so excited to share  the gifts I will be giving this year. Well, to be honest, some of the gifts are for me personally.

Am I the only one who gives themselves a gift during this season?

I've focused on gifts from Israel, books from authors I know, and my favorite kitchen tools!

Here are my top 10 suggestions. These gifts are precious and God honoring!

It is with great joy for me to share these gift ideas with you. I was looking for gifts that continue a theme of God’s love to us and through us.

Also gifts that wake up our senses in many ways as a constant reminder that He is there for us. No matter what.

1. Artza Gift Box - The Holy Land Delivered

Gift Box from Israel

The Holy Land Delivered in time for Christmas.

I love the land and people of Israel. When I discovered the company Artza, their products and connection to the land caused a love at first sight to ignite! 

The Artza Gift boxes come as a subscription and are delivered once a quarter (every 3 months) with gifts inside made by artisans in Israel. Each box hails from a different area.

A Personal Gift

My first box came from Galilee and included hummus flavorings, fresh olive oil, candles, a beautiful handcrafted bowl with the fish and bread symbol from the Mount of Beatitudes, a mosaic game,  and much more. 

I left it on the table for weeks, enjoying the collection and letting it take me back to the hills of Capernaum and rocking in the boat  on the Sea of Galilee. 

Love yourself with this unique gift or let it delight someone special in your life.

Let the gifts of Israel come to you this season! Plus let them continue all year long!

Use coupon code: BIBLICALNUTRITIONIST20  for 20% off!

2. Dutch Oven

Dutch Oven

Hot, fresh, crusty bread. Can you smell it? Taste it? Is your mouth watering yet?

The best crusty bread is just one of the many delicious, well-cooked foods this pot is good for.

And since there has to be a special cooking element to our holiday list and I always want the best of the best, this pot had to be on it. 

Have you ever wanted that perfect crusty bread that cracks noisily  as you break it open and plop butter on it to melt and drip?

Then the crunch as you bite into the crispy crusty edges. That is true bread!

Delicious Bread in a Pot

Take your favorite bread dough and line the dutch oven with oiled parchment paper, then place the dough on the paper. Bake with lid on until completely baked and crusty. Remove the lid for the last 10 minutes for better browning.

This is the true meaning of breaking bread. Ok, I am exaggerating a little but some of you know what I mean.

Cast iron is a classic way to cook that’s still highly valuable. As stated above, this verstitle 6-Quart dutch oven can do so much more than bake scrumptious bread.

It can be used to store food in the fridge, bake in the oven, or cook on the stovetop. 

It’s the perfect addition to any kitchen.

3. Jewelry From Israel

Do you sense a theme this year? It has been over 3 years since I last stepped foot in Israel. This season I wanted to bring Israel to you.

This charming necklace is beautifully designed, but is more than an adornment. It comes with a felt disc (Israel blue and gray) inside that can be used as an aroma pad for your favorite anointing oil. 

See the next gift for the oil!

Choose between the Star of David or the Tree of Life Necklace. We have a very limited supply so order quickly!

4. Anointing Oil

anointing oil

Is anyone among you sick? Let him call for the elders of the church, and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord.  James 5:14 

Twenty times in Scripture anointing oil is used and referred to. These Abba oils from the purest of sources in Israel can be used for healing and remembrance.

The Oils

There are two anointing oils I love.

  1. Frankincense is known for Healing and Intercession.

  2. Pomegranate is known for Blessing and Favor.

The Frankincense & Myrrh anointing oil is a unique blend of pure olive oil from Israel with an essential oil base of Frankincense and Myrrh.

There’s also a pomegranate oil to choose from.


The pomegranate is one of the oldest fruits known to man and was highly esteemed by the Israelites. 

An enormous number of the flower petals must be pressed and steam-distilled in order to make a quantity of oil. Once pressed, the slightly amber oil, which is the basis for all our Pomegranate products, gives off a pleasant and slightly fruity odor. 

Jewish tradition teaches that the pomegranate is a symbol for righteousness because it’s said to have 613 seeds which correspond with the 613 mitzvot or commandments of the Torah. Although not all pomegranates have 613 seeds, when averaged out across sampling the fruit, the average is 613.

Pomegranate is one of the seven species the spies brought back by the Israelite spies during the exodus to show how fertile the Promised Land was. It speaks of God's favor exhibited in fruitfulness and abundance. 

Numbers 13:23 "They came to the valley of Eshkol...they brought also of the pomegranates, and of the figs."

⅓ oz roller ball

¼ oz roller ball

5. Pomegranate Salts And Bath Sets

pomegranate salts

Ahhh. Are you ready to relax in a rejuvenating bath? Or gift a loved one with some relaxation? 

These bath salts and sets are perfect! If you haven’t tried the Dead Sea salts then this will be a treat. I doubt you will be able to buy enough to float in your bathtub as you would in the Dead Sea but you can enjoy the healthful benefits. The Dead Sea salts are combined with the extract of Pomegranate. Pure relaxation for your muscles and reliever of stress.

You might want to buy several to have on hand and they are nicely packaged to make the perfect gift.

These can be bought with just the salts or as a spa gift set.

Pomegranate Bath Salts 

8 oz container

Pomegranate Spa Set

4 oz container of bath salts, 2 oz body wash, & 2 oz lotion

With this set, your loved one can experience the benefits of pomegranates throughout their entire bathing experience. And the body wash and lotion are the perfect size for traveling.

6. Christmas And Holiday Cards

Cute and precious. Our very own  Audrey from the Biblical Nutritionist team makes these adorable cards. Audrey is extremely talented and these cards are a showcase of her talent. 

These cards will bless both the sender and the receiver. There’s a good variety and she ships in bulk. Right now, there’s also free shipping offered for orders over $20.

7. Letting God Be Enough

letting god be enough

Are you enough? The answer is no...but God certainly is. 

In this book, Erica Wiggenhorn draws from the story of Moses—the greatest self-doubter in the Bible—to show how self-doubt is tied closely to self-reliance. When we cast ourselves on God, we find the true source of strength.

Step out in His power instead of your own and watch your confidence blossom because you’re in the hands of I AM.

The Gift of Letting God be Enough

As one reviewer puts it, “Letting God Be Enough is convicting, inspiring, empowering, and insightful. I have read the story of Moses many times throughout my life, but Erica is able to bring into a new light making it so relevant to many areas of my life today.”

Erica joined us recently in an interview. She is an amazing women’s Bible teacher and I love hearing her speak. She brings Truth to light. And I know this book will delight you.

8. You Are A Gift

You Are A Gift

Through sweet rhyming stanzas and whimsical illustrations, You Are a Gift! teaches children they are treasured and they have a gift to share: God's love! 

Readers are encouraged to be kind, patient, helpful, and are even inspired to follow the Golden Rule!

I am excited to give these to my grandkids in each family this season. I always want them to remember they are a gift.

This is the perfect kid's book!

9. Discovering Joy In Philippians

Discovering Joy In Philippians

Pam Farrel did it again with another Bible study that will bring the refreshing and challenging Truths of God’s Word into your day.

I was delighted to interview Pam twice recently. The first was when she shared with our audience how to truly cultivate JOY!

Every day can be amazing even among trials when we understand the basics for cultivating JOY.

Her second interview was how she lost 70 pounds through the biblical approach.

So, if difficult days have ever left you discouraged, this interactive 11-week journey will help you engage creatively with God’s Word and establish habits that lead to greater joy and peace. 

And last, but definitely not least...

10. Mockmill Grain Mill


Have you started milling your own wheat yet? This is one of the first changes we made in our household when pursuing good health.

We’ve become accustomed to quick and easy in our culture, and have paid for it with our health. Wheat is a prime example where this is true.

The Gift of Whole Wheat

In a quick glance of whole wheat flour (fresh ground from the grain) verses purchased white flour, we can see why fresh and whole is best:

Whole wheat flour has 13g of fiber, 11 IU Vitamin A, 852mcg Vitamin E, and 41mg Calcium. By contrast, white flour has 3g of fiber, no Vitamin A, 100mcg Vitamin E, and 18mg Calcium. So many nutrients are stripped during commercial processing!

While white flour has more Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, Folate, and Iron because they’re added in, these nutrients are best in their natural form and don’t account for the 30-100% stripping of dozens of other nutrients.

The Gift of Milling Wheat

Milling your own wheat isn’t only a great health decision, it’s also a sound financial one. The savings keep adding up over time. Making the one-time investment is more than worth it - whether it’s for you or a loved one.

We have the greatest savings on the internet for my favorite mill. Be ready to feed your family well at any time with this Mock Mill. 

The Mock Mill comes as the 100, 200 and then the more eye appealing for the counter in wood. 

We have a special offer for 5% off, which is the best offer anywhere on the internet and Mock Mill does our shipping every business day! So, no delays in getting healthful bread on the table very soon!

Check out this video where I talk more about these best holiday gift ideas that are great presents for Christian women and moms.

Praying You Have a Blessed Holiday!

I hope you are as blessed from this list as I am sharing it with you. Especially the books from ladies that know how to share God's Word.

We are living in an incredible time to share the love of Christ everywhere.

There is much darkness which is the perfect time to let your light shine!

Last year I set out to create a menu of the best gift ideas for your loved ones (or yourself). I wasn’t sure I could top it, but I’m overjoyed with the gifts on 2021’s list.

So many nice gifts to bring the true meaning into the season.

My gift to me is you! You matter to me and your success at seeing Jesus as your one true Savior is the most important gift anyone could ever receive.

Please check out these pages to learn more about God’s love for you.

How you can receive that love and know for certain He is your personal Lord and Savior.

Remember there is only one true God. And HE LOVES YOU VERY MUCH!

He will never leave you or forsake you. He loves you with an everlasting love.

Blessings to you this season,

You are my dearest friends.


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