Best Christian Gifts for Women | Top 10 Christmas Gifts

December 5, 2022

holiday gift guide

It is that time of year again–the season of gifts! Here is my gift guide for the best Christian gifts for women!

Whether you celebrate Hanukkah or Christmas–I am so excited to share the gifts I will be giving this year.

Well, to be honest, some gifts are for me! (Am I the only one who gives themselves a gift during this season?)

I’ve focused on gifts from Israel, books from beloved Christian authors, and my favorite kitchen tools!

Here are my top 10 suggestions. These gifts are precious and God-honoring! 

Gifts include - foodie items, best reading, Bosch/Nutrimill, organic skin care, Kids Mood+, and a special surprise!

Don’t miss #10 - I can’t wait for you to open it!

It is with great joy I share these gift ideas with you. I was looking for gifts that continue a theme of God’s love to us and through us, as well as gifts that serve as a constant reminder that He is there for us. No matter what.


First category is cooking!

1. Fun Foodie Apron

For the food-loving cook in your life, this beautiful apron offers an inspiring message:

I’m cooking an Amen day! 

One of my favorite sayings to remember is that every day is an Amen day, even when we’re busy in the kitchen.

Another option features Psalm 34:8. I’m sure you know it:

Taste and see that the Lord is good.

I love these reminders!

Everyone that cooks will benefit from owning an apron. And it’s the perfect time to upgrade from an old, worn-out apron (or simply add another option to rotate between) at the holiday season where festivities and celebrations mean extra time spent in the kitchen!

The Fun Foodie Apron comes in three different colors (beautiful ones, I might add). Grab one for a loved lady in your life–and while you’re at it, snag one for yourself!

You can buy the Fun Foodie Apron on sale HERE

Buy the Fun Foodie Apron | Retail price: $25 | SALE $19.50

2. Baking Tools Set

Baking should be fun! And these tools bring fun to the kitchen. I use these almost daily.

Start preheating that oven and creating some warm baked goodies!

But let me ask you: are those baked goodies really “good” for you?

The answer is yes–if you are baking with whole grains!

My baking cookbook Satisfied: Baking with Whole Grain Goodness is a collection of delicious recipes that will delight your senses plus bring friends and family back to the table! 

For those wanting to prep their kitchen with the best tools, I’ve collected my favorites in this Baking Tools Set!

It includes:

  • Scandinavian Dough Whisk
  • Pastry and Dough Roller
  • Stainless Steel Dough Scraper
  • Foodie Fiskie
  • Satisfied ~ Baking with Whole Grain Goodness Cookbook

3. The “Bosch Universal Plus Mixer” & Nutrimill - Great for Bakers!

Mixing, milling, baking – all on sale!

The White Bosch, the Stainless Steel Bosch, the Nutrimill… ALL ON SALE!

Can you tell I’m excited?

Do you have a passionate baker in your life? Perhaps someone who loves baking bread, or spends a lot of time rustling up delicious baked goods in the kitchen?

Maybe that person is you?

The Bosch mixer is a highly rated machine that offers superior kneading action (no more sore arms) and turns bread-making into a quicker, more relaxing activity. From baking to blending, it has attachments to satisfy every kitchen need.

A baker’s dream gift!

So whether you buy this for yourself or a baking-obsessed friend, the Bosch Mixer or the Nutrimill Classic are those gifts that will keep giving.

Make a baker’s dream come true, even if that baker is you:

Get the Bosch Universal Plus Mixer and Nutrimill Sales Here

4. No Gain ~ No Guilt Online Course

No Gain ~ No Guilt!

Have you struggled with weight gain over the holidays?

The holidays seem to come with its own buffet of thoughts… these lead to actions… which lead to a serving of regret and guilt.

NO MORE! Let this December (or January) be a time of rejoicing to enjoy the HOLYday and the food.

The No Gain ~ No Guilt course teaches you how to let food be nourishment and let God be your victory song.

This course has never been offered outside the Inner Circle. We have over 10 courses that are exclusive to Inner Circle members only, but now we are giving you a peek inside to take advantage of this course for a short time.

No matter when you purchase this course, the teachings can apply to any day, week, or month in the year… and you get to keep this course forever.

Many of the lessons in this course are video. We recorded these during a series of Inner Circle coaching calls.

It starts with a challenge. Inner Circle members accepted the challenge to change the way we enter the holiday season and break the cycle of weight gain. This cycle can also carry the feeling of guilt into the new year.

It was a tremendous success! Everyone who accepted the challenge experienced more than a few pounds lost.

  • Mindset changes happened!
  • A boost in confidence happened!
  • A renewed appreciation for family time and fellowship happened!

These successes are the very reason this course is now available for you to experience as well.

Join the No Gain, No Guilt, Victory Over Holiday Eating

5. Books on Studying the Bible

Books on Studying the Bible

Have you ever wanted a basic (but thorough) understanding of the Bible?

I did! These past 6 months I have been studying three special books. They are fabulous and I highly recommend them. (A word for the wise: don’t rush the reading!)

They also make wonderful gifts. I find gifting books during the holiday season (or any special occasion, really) such a fantastic way to positively impact the lives of those around me.

Imagine how a favorite book of yours can transform someone’s prayer life, Bible study time, or devotions.

Gifting a book is budget-friendly as well, which I know we all appreciate.

The three books I recommend are:

  1. How to Study the Bible
  2. How to Read the Bible Like a Seminary Professor
  3. Living By the Book: The Art and Science of Reading the Bible

These books will save you a semester of college fees and deliver what you were looking for to understand the Bible more sensibly.

The first book, How to Study the Bible by D.L. Moody, is a favorite of mine because it teaches the value and necessity of studying the Word, as well as methods and tools, all in a practical, illustrative way that is easy to follow and understand.

Your loved ones will be inspired in their quiet time and devotions with this convicting, eye-opening teaching on digging deep into the Bible. I highly recommend it!

Grab a couple of copies now to have available next time you are wrapping gifts for friends and family. You can find all three here:

When you shop Amazon, remember to use – and choose Designed Healthy Living as your charity of choice!

6. “An Unexpected Revival” Bible Study by Erica Wiggenhorn

“An Unexpected Revival” Bible Study by Erica Wiggenhorn

My friend Erica wrote this book and gave me a copy at a writer’s convention. She did not know how much I was in need of a revival.

Is there a loved one in your life experiencing disappointment? A friend going through a hard time?

This book would be the perfect gift for them.

An Unexpected Revival by Erica Wiggenhorn is an 8-week Bible study that takes readers through the book of Ezekiel and provides a powerful picture of revival. 

This book will serve as a wonderful gift for anyone in your life who needs encouragement or wants to draw nearer to the Lord through studying His Word.

And if that someone is you, then don’t wait.

Experience a renewed passion for the Lord and reawaken to your purpose by gifting yourself this immersive, eye-opening Bible study today.

You won’t regret it. I am loving this study. Erica is a tiny person with a mighty way with words.

Buy it on Amazon

7. Artza Gift Box - The Holy Land Delivered (Coupon code saves 25%)

Back again for a second year on my Holiday list…the Artza box.

I always anticipate what will come next! If you love seeing the Holy land delivered to your door for Christmas or birthdays then this is a must.

Hurry and you can still get it in time for Christmas! It may not make it in time for Hanukkah but if you hurry it just might.

I love the land and people of Israel. When I discovered the company Artza, their products and connection to the land caused love at first sight to ignite!

The Artza Gift boxes come as a subscription and are delivered once a quarter (every 3 months) with gifts inside made by artisans in Israel. Each box hails from a unique area.

A Personal Gift

My first box came from Galilee and included hummus flavorings, fresh olive oil, candles, a beautiful handcrafted bowl with the fish and bread symbol from the Mount of Beatitudes, a mosaic game, and much more.

I left it on the table for weeks, enjoying the collection, letting it take me back to the hills of Capernaum and rocking in the boat on the Sea of Galilee.

Love yourself with this unique gift or let it delight someone special in your life.

Let the gifts of Israel come to you this season! Plus, let them continue all year long!

Use coupon code TBN25 for a 25% off!

8. Organic Cosmetics from Israel - Discount: TBN10

I am always on the lookout for skin care that has the best ingredients. When I found Arugot through the Artza box collection I was thrilled. Now I have tried the Snow Drops Day Cream and the Night Cream Serum. I’m loving both!

Then I moved to the Face cleanser. It is a keeper!

Check out the Face Mask and other products. When you can trust the ingredients and the sourcing - it makes clean feel so much better!

The holidays are the perfect time for indulging in some luxurious skincare.

Not just any skincare, though. Arugot is a natural beauty brand founded in Israel, offering skincare products ranging from lotion to deodorant to face washes.


For a discount, use the coupon code TBN10

Fun fact: some of their products were featured in a recent Artza gift box from the Negev region (see #5)!

All of their products are handmade with pure aromatherapy extracts, organic cold-pressed oils, organic extracts from wild plants, and medicinal plants.

It is a blessing to know that, by gifting Arugot, you are giving someone high-quality organic cosmetics that will nurture and support a healthy, holistic lifestyle.

And this includes you! Gifting yourself quality skincare doesn’t just bless your skin; it blesses your heart and mind as well.

I recommend trying the Anti-Aging Wild Rose Facial Wash. This features a lovely scent as it contains flower extracts and essential oils. A gentle, but thorough wash.

Another option is the Citron Hand Cream. Super luxurious and richly nourishing.

9. Health Products & Supplements

It should come as no surprise that I love helping people transform their lives by following God’s recipe for excellent health.

Seeing men and women set free from lifelong health issues as they lose weight and gain joy is the greatest gift imaginable to me.

The next best thing?

Gifting products, supplements, and tools to help speed along that journey to excellent health!

While we can’t package up wonderful health in a box to give as a present, we can bless and nourish the health of our loved ones with specific wellness supplements.

Here is an option I’m LOVING right now:

Amare Wellness Products

Amare makes wonderful products–everything from gut health products to protein shakes.

I love the GBX Protein® powder, which is not only Pumpkin Spice flavored (perfect for the holidays) but plant-based from chick pea powder. Great for gym lovers and fitness friends!

The Fundamentals Pak is where I started. I knew the science was good and this was a missing combination for mental wellness.

And here’s a fun fact: the Kids Mood has been featured on ABC for how well it helps with ADHD in kids!

My friend’s grandson is homeschooled and struggles with getting his math done. The mom tried the pixie style powder and he did his math and was outside playing in less than half the time he would usually complain or make excuses.

My other friend shared how this same powder made her daughter no longer OCD with her breakfast utensils. Even the little girl noticed she was not fidgeting and was able to eat with no distractions.

It is worth trying with your kids during the holiday break.

There are so many products and sets to choose from. Check them out here:

Shop Amare products and use code: Annette for an extra $10 off.

Plus, I am giving away two complete Kids Paks! For everyone who purchases through this link above, you will be entered in the giveaway. On December 31st, I will draw two names to receive a complete Kids Pak! As a gift from me. Because every child deserves an opportunity to think well and feel well.

Plus all profits from the Amare sales with this link go to fund our Biblical Wellness Ministry. A ministry we are building for churches and pastors. Blessings doubled!

10. Family Banner

This gift requires a drum roll………. I have been waiting for months to share this with you!!!!!!

I asked my graphic designer to create for me a wall hanging so I could refer to it when teachings my grand kids God’s Truths in His Word. I found powerful verses and connected it to actions.

Each time we are together I have the kids join together and quote these verses for the parents. My daughter in law even used these verses and the wall hanging for her CC homeschool group. Everyone was impressed with the wall hanging.

Now - I am offering this to you!

Grab this download and then print it the size that works for you. I used Shutterfly for my 24 x 36 wall hanging. And it looks perfect!

You can print an 8 x 11 and post on your refrigerator. Make a 11 x 20 wall hanging. The options are yours.

Walmart and Walgreens also will print this. Be creative, make it a pillow cover! 🙂 


Our kids are going against a tide of anti-Christianity that will challenge their beliefs. Teaching them these truths from the earliest age and continuing until they leave home will help keep God’s Word treasured in their hearts.

God’s Word does not return void. God keeps His word and He will never leave us.

Take this download and print your wall hanging or even a smaller print for the refrigerator. This was a Christmas gift I gave to my kids a couple of years ago and I love when everyone is together as I work with the kids to say the verses in unison.

Such a blessing. I pray you enjoy it as much as I do.

Purchase the Family Banner for $9.97

This banner can be downloaded and then taken (or emailed) to your favorite printing service.

Praying You Have a Blessed Holiday!

I hope you are as blessed by this list as I am sharing it with you.

We are living in an incredible time to share the love of Christ everywhere.

There is much darkness which is the perfect time to let your light shine!

Last year I set out to create a menu of the best gift ideas for your loved ones (or yourself). I wasn’t sure I could top it, but I’m overjoyed with the gifts on 2022’s list.

So many delightful gifts to bring true meaning into the season.

My gift to me is you! You matter to me, and your success at seeing Jesus as your one true Savior is the most important gift anyone could ever receive.

Please check out these pages to learn more about God’s love for you.

Remember, there is only one true God. And HE LOVES YOU VERY MUCH!

He will never leave you or forsake you. He loves you with everlasting love.

Blessings to you this season.

You are my dearest friends.


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