Coming to the Table PDF



Learn the obstacles that are keeping you from dining as a family around the table and discover the simple solutions to gather together once again!

Includes Meal Planner printable, a week of dinner recipes, and Fellowship Discussion Starters!

What is keeping us from Coming to the Table?

Smartphones have taken the place of conversation. Sitting down for a meal with others has been abandoned in favor of meals eaten alone in front of the television. And sharing a meal together has been replaced by sharing updates on Facebook.

So, how did we get here? More importantly, how do we fix it?

You’ll find out:

  • the 7 amazing ways eating with loved ones blesses you and others
  • the most common obstacles you’ll face when introducing shared mealtimes – and how to handle them
  • how to make dining with those you love fun and easy
  • tips on prioritizing dinnertime at the table, both for shared dining and for parties of one

This PDF includes:

  • The Meal Planner weekly worksheet
  • 1 Week of Dinner Recipes
  • Fellowship Discussion Questions


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