Top 10 Tips for Healthy Eating Out


Afraid that eating out will mess up your diet?

Or maybe you do enjoy eating out but as long as you’re sure about the quality and nutrients of the food you eat.

When your schedule does not permit you to cook your own meals, or you’re out and about with your family and have cravings to try out that new restaurant in town, it’s important to make sure what you’re eating is wholesome, healthy, and necessary for your body.

Here are my ten tips for healthy eating so you can enjoy your food and be confident in your choices.

Know the Plan -

Know where you are going ahead of time - planning prevents problems

Be a Detective

Call ahead or search on line to view the menu for options, calories, and where they source their food. Is it local and fresh? Although I don’t choose foods by calories, a high calorie count means there may be hidden ingredients or sugars that I don’t want to fill my meal.

Bypass the Bread

I know it comes to the table smelling oh, so good but the white starch will send your blood sugar swinging and fill up the space meant for high quality protein.

Appetizers are Appealing

Often there are healthy vegetable appetizers that will make a full meal.

Sides take the Prize

tips for healthy eating out

Just as appetizers can make the meal so can sides. Often I will order 3 of the vegetable sides to make my complete meal.

Share Desserts with 2-3 people 

Typically desserts are 1000 calories which means sharing saves you unnecessary exercise later to help get rid of the unnecessary calories. My husband thinks this idea is absurd he doesn't believe in sharing a really good dessert, except for one bite!

Share Your Secrets

Most restaurants teach their staff to please the customer. Discreetly share with the waitress/waiter your desire to follow a specific meal plan such as meals under 500 calories, no farmed meat (especially important when eating fish), no or low carbohydrates, etc. As you share this without causing too much attention I have found almost every time they will help me make very wise choices which leads to a larger tip!

Avoid the Known GMO's

tips for healthy eating out

This means as much as you can tell from the menu or asking the waitress/waiter avoid food with soy and corn. Doing this will save you a lifetime of problems.

Take Pleasure in the Fellowship

Remember this is one of the main reasons to gather with friends - fellowship! So let the conversations and fun be the entertainment - it is what will be remembered longer than the food.

Diminish the Hunger

If necessary eat a large apple or protein snack before eating out to avoid ravenous hunger that causes large orders or eating all the chips at the Mexican restaurant.

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