The True Meaning Behind Jehovah Jireh

​The True Meaning Behind Jehovah Jireh

Thanksgiving, a time to focus our praise on the Lord and His provisions, as well us to understand the true meaning of “Jehovah Jireh”, the Lord provides. These past months God has reminded me to wait for His provisions.

Wait for circumstances to be right, wait for the finances, wait for people to be ready, wait for responses from Him, WAIT.

So, I waited…

And beautiful things appeared in my life.

What “The Lord Provides” Really Means

Look at the word provision with me.  Vision means to see - my vision is good I can see this keyboard, these words and the pictures of my family around my computer in my office. My spiritual vision is not always as good. I see what God is doing right now but I don't always see how he works in the future. Vision is what I can see right now.

Pro - means before, in front of, and on behalf of.   We do not see what is going to happen although we can anticipate.  God is the ONLY ONE who can see before or on behalf of us. God can see before it happens.  God plans our future - works for our good becausehe is the BEFORE and the AFTER.God's provisions - His ability to see what we need and to orchestrate it before we need it is His gift to us.  All He asks, "Do you trust Me?"

If He can see before it happens then why should we fret?Instead we can bask in all He has done and rest assured there is nothing that will happen He is not already aware and has made the plans for His will to work.

Teaching Our Children and Grandchildren about The Lord’s Provisions

When I studied this I was reminded of Abraham and Issac.

When Issac was traveling with his father to Mount Moriah and asked about the sacrifice  - Abraham said "the Lord will Provide" - which means Jehovah Jireh. Because Issac was already taught about God's provisions he obediently complied.Are we teaching our kids about God's provisions?

The more we trust in His provisions and teach it to our kids the easier it will be for them to trust Him as well.

Let’s remember these important concepts:

Jehovah Jireh - The Lord will ProvideProvide - means to make arrangements for. God is making arrangements for you each day. Trust and Be Thankful with what the Lord continues to give you. And always remember, the Lord provides.

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