The #1 Reason Diets Fail and How to Stay on a Diet

May 30, 2019

The #1 Reason Diets Fail 
How to Stay on a Diet

The No1 Reason Diets Fail and How to Stay on a Diet

“I can’t stay on a diet. I think I’ll just give up!”

I won’t sugar-coat the fact that following a diet is challenging. And staying on it… That takes a ton of willpower and discipline for sure.

There are times when you think you had it all together, you’ve been on that diet for a week or so, but suddenly you fall back into your old ways.

Then you condemn yourself. You call yourself harsh names such as “failure”, “undisciplined”, or any other names you can think of…

But not only is that counterproductive; it also sets you back because if you feel defeated you're more likely to act defeated.

Gaining the unwanted weight took time, realistically, loosing it will too. God also designed our bodies to be able to endure times when there isn't an abundance of food. You aren't a failure. There are other reasons why diets fail. 

So why do diets fail and what can you do to stick to your diet or get back up if you've stumbled?

The ultimate reason why diets fail is…

First, let me reveal to you the number one problem people face when they're on a diet that holds them back. 

You’re not giving yourself credit!

You blame yourself, put yourself down when you slip up, you don’t look at the effort and energy you have successfully put into keeping your diet.

These were the exact same thoughts one of my clients had when she was struggling with her diet. She deeply believed she was failing in keeping her diet. In fact, she felt she had done so badly that there was no way she could go back to her diet.

Then I asked her a few questions:

  • Did you eat less than you would have last Thanksgiving?
  • Did you wait to eat until you were hungry or almost hungry?
  • If you look back on previous years, did you eat less throughout the day than you did this time?

And you know what? She answered all of these questions with a resounding YES!

My heart was with her, I had a feeling that she was overlooking her accomplishments and the positive steps she was taking to follow her diet as best as she could.  

So I asked another question:

Was there anything else you did really well?

“Well, I walked after lunch. But I felt I had a rough day because I ate foods that weren’t exactly on my plan…”

She wasn’t a failure at all. But she felt she couldn’t and wouldn’t be able to stay on a diet because she made a “mistake” of eating what she wasn't “supposed to”.

She zeroed in on that one tiny detail while ignoring the other amazing things she had done!

She was not giving herself credit.

You can stay on a diet when you…

I honestly believe that anyone can absolutely, 100% stay on a diet when they stay positive and recognize the small successful changes they're making. 

Every time you skip nibbling at the different counters at Costco or Sam’s as they hand out samples, you’ve made progress.

Each time you bypass the snacks and the sweets because you’re not hungry, that’s you making real changes!

Whenever you take a walk after lunch when you could’ve just couched it all day, that’s effort you should give yourself credit for.

These are just a couple examples, but it's important to focus on the positive details and not the negative ones. 

When you eat a meal, always remember to give thanks to the Lord. Remember the reasons you're making changes for better health. Remember, Your Body is a Temple of the Holy Spirit.

At the same time, you should never criticize yourself if you slip up.

Never condemn yourself or call yourself names.

Success on a Diet Is Yours When You Do These Things

A successful diet involves many things.

Something else to remember is that you're creating new habits, be glad that you're willing to keep trying! Stay motivated, empowered, and inspired to keep doing what you’re doing.

Keep your reasons for wanting to loose weight or follow better food choices written down, somewhere you'll see them everyday.

Take time out to commune with the Lord and lay your worries, struggles and bad habits at the feet of Jesus. God wants you to succeed and it you fall, he will help you get back up again. You are so very loved, don't forget that. You aren't a failure, period.

"I can do all things through him who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13

The successes you have are much bigger than a tiny slip, don't give up, keep going!

Give yourself credit for doing well and keep pushing forward to a healthy, wholesome diet for a thriving new you!

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