7 Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

May 31, 2022

7 Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy

Today we're going to talk about what are the foods that you need to avoid during pregnancy. This is so vital for you and the health of your child. I would rather teach you what to eat. But sometimes we need to clear the table of what not to eat first. 

1. Alcohol 

If you are considering getting pregnant, then do not drink any alcohol. It is just unfair to the baby. Alcohol goes straight through the placenta to the baby. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is very real. And it happens whether you drink a little alcohol or a lot of alcohol, it's not fair to the baby to consume any alcohol. 

2. Deli and Processed Meats 

There's so much research out there for people who eat a processed meat and how much inflammation it causes, which leads to a higher risk of autoimmune diseases. Processed meat hurts the microbiome; it gets rid of the good bacteria and brings in bad bacteria. 

3. Uncooked Meats 

I would avoid the sushi aisle, because it can have parasites, it can have worms, and it can cause digestive upset. 

4. Glyphosate-Sprayed Foods 

If they are not organic, then you had the glyphosate spray. You have three to six months prior to conception, then the nine months during pregnancy, and finally the months of breastfeeding that you can give this child the very best opportunity for them to be as resistance against diseases and illnesses as possible. This can happen when you avoid non-organic items.

5. Caffeine 

Now I am a firm proponent of drinking one cup of green tea a day, just that all the poly phenols and antioxidants are valuable. But beyond that, the extra caffeine can overstimulate the child. 

6. Sugar, processed sugars, and artificial sugars 

If you drink a soda with sugar, or you drink a soda with artificial sweeteners, your child is going to be affected. In fact, in the studies, they showed it to change the microbiome. This directly results in a bacterial population for the birth canal. And the child that is born naturally needs all of that population of good bacteria in the birth canal. That's how it gets inoculated and protected once it comes into the world. 

7. Low Fat Diet 

We need to realize a mom should never be on a low-fat diet. This is extremely harmful for the child and for the mom. So for moms who are having anxiety, having depression during pregnancy and breastfeeding, a low-fat diet contributes to that. Here is a list of Healthy Fats from the Bible!

7 Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy Inforgrafic

Now you know 7 of the top foods to avoid during pregnancy! To learn about all the healthy foods to eat, browse my Grocery Discovery Playlist!

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