Top 7 Harmful Food Ingredients You Should Never Eat

September 6, 2021

harmful food ingredients

I don’t love stepping on toes, but there are often hard truths I’m compelled to share. This is because I love you and know God loves you and He wants the best for you. That means when we gain knowledge, we should use it. Today, that knowledge is about the top 7 harmful ingredients you should never eat.

This list is the evil of our day in the grocery store. And they may be killing you. 

I hope you’re ready, because I may point out some ingredients in your favorite foods. Are you ready to be healthy? To live a vibrant, abundant life?

Are We What We Eat?

are we what we eat

Most of us know this old saying. We are so much more than what we eat, but what we put in our bodies has a huge impact on how we live.

If we desire abundant, excellent health, then this should spark the desire to make changes to our eating habits.

When we eat junk, we feel crummy.

When we eat live, nutrient-rich, God-given foods, our cells respond with amazing energy. Then, we can be on mission, obediently following God’s direction and call in our lives with the greatest mental clarity, stamina, and strength.

I want that for you! And we can achieve it together.

This is why I want everyone to understand what we’re eating. Why certain ingredients and foods are detrimental to our health.

How many of these harmful ingredients in food have you been consuming daily?

Perhaps you’re not sure. And won’t even be sure after reading this until you check the labels in your pantry. (Which I HIGHLY recommend doing!)

For many, this post on foods to avoid and foods to NEVER eat will be an eye opener. 

The enemy wants to destroy - or ruin - you. He can even do that through the foods we eat. 

Don’t let the enemy ruin your health! Arm yourself with the truth and fight back.

Starting today, say, “Not anymore. Food has no grip on me. I eat for life, not for death.”

Here are the worst foods you could possibly buy, store in your pantry, and eat. After watching this video, you'll learn more about these foods you'll never want to eat again.

Harmful Chemicals In Food Ingredients

harmful chemicals in food ingredients

Why these foods? 

Because these are some of the worst foods for causing inflammation. Inflammation doesn’t just cause water retention, it damages many parts of the body. 

We want to reduce inflammation wherever and however we can.

Definitely avoid these foods if you have arthritis or want to lose weight. If you’re looking to lose weight, you should never ever eat these foods.

And most of all, these slow poison foods are just some of the foods that cause cancer, Alzheimer's disease, heart disease, kidney disease, and so much more!

Harmful Food Ingredients To Avoid

artificial flavors

 So what are these unhealthy food ingredients? Here they are:

1. Artificial Flavors

Artificial flavorings are derived from chemicals made in a laboratory and offer absolutely no nutritional value and are a magnet for processed foods. They show up in almost everything today, including bread, cereals, flavored yogurt, soups mixes, and cocktail mixers, so they can be hard to avoid. 

They cause:

  • Neurotoxicity
  • Organ damage
  • Reproductive toxicity (contributing to the alarming rate of infertility)
  • Cancer

2. Hydrogenated Or Fractionated Oils


We’re more familiar with the term trans fats, which has been removed from most levels. We most likely won’t find “hydrogenated” or “partially hydrogenated oils” on a label.

However the processing hasn’t improved as we’d desire.

Fractionating oil is a process most often used on palm and palm kernel oil that involves heating the oil, then cooling it quickly so that it breaks up into fractions (hence the name). It’s very uncommon to find the term “hydrogenated,” but the ingredients are still out there and still harmful.

Hydrogenated oils are oils that are often healthy in their natural state, but are quickly turned into poisons through the manufacturing and processing they undergo. 

They take these naturally healthy oils such as palm, kernel, soybean, corn oil, canola oil, or coconut oil and heat it anywhere from five hundred to one thousand degrees. 

The key thing in the filtration process is it separates most of the liquid part of the oil, leaving the solid, unhealthy fat, making it toxic for human consumption.

If the above oils are listed on the label of a prepackaged item, most likely it wasn’t added in its natural state, but only after going through this excessive heating technique.

What we want are unrefined, unprocessed oils. Instead, we want:

  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Avocado oil
  • Coconut oil (unrefined)

3. Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)


The food additive “MSG” is a slow poison that hides behind dozens of names, such as:

  • natural flavoring
  • yeast extract
  • autolyzed yeast extract
  • disodium guanylate
  • disodium inosinate
  • caseinate
  • textured protein
  • hydrolyzed pea protein

...and many others. 

Currently, labeling standards do not require MSG to be listed in the ingredient list of thousands of foods. MSG is not a nutrient, vitamin, or mineral and has no health benefits. 

The negative impact of this ingredient may not be noticed after a small amount, but the accumulative effect can be very detrimental.

MSG can cause:

  • Migraines
  • Seizures
  • Obesity
  • ALS
  • Parkinson’s
  • Infections
  • Alzeihmer’s

MSG, like many things, can be a natural substance, but that’s not what’s put in our food. 

So, why do manufactures include MSG? It’s a flavor enhancer that causes us to love to eat and eat more and more of the products that have MSG.

4. Potassium Benzoate (Sodium Benzoate)

potassium benzoate

Sodium Benzoate can convert into lethal carcinogenic poison when combined with ascorbic acid.  Potassium benzoate often shows up in seemingly innocuous foods such as apple cider, low-fat salad dressings, syrups, jams, olives, and pickles. 

This ingredient damages DNA! How scary is that?

Scary enough, that we should be motivated to make our own salad dressings, etc. or buy them from a local farmer who you know uses natural ingredients.

5. Artificial Colors

artificial colors

Food colorings still on the market are linked with cancer. 

  • Blue 1 and 2 - linked to cancer in mice  
  • Red 3 - linked to thyroid cancer (and hyperactivity)
  • Green - linked to bladder cancer
  • Yellow 5 - linked to adrenal and kidney tumors

With the epidemic of cancer in our culture, there are many changes we can make to reduce our risk. This is an easy one! 

If there’s an ingredient that’s shown to be cancer causing, let’s throw it out.

6. Acesulfame-K

potassium sorbate

Acesulfame-K, also known as acesulfame potassium, represents one of the food additives used for sweetening aliments and drinks. 

It is approved by the FDA, but there are several potential problems correlated with the consumption of this food additive. 

Even though there are many studies that attest to its safety, acesulfame potassium is still suspected of contributing to benign thyroid tumors.

Acesulfame-K may not be the cause itself, but the methylene chloride that’s used to process it. So, while the “experts” will say this ingredient doesn’t cause cancer. What they refuse to say is that the process used can create a carcinogenic effect. 

Watch out for sucralose, too. It’s not healthy food. Nor are any other artificial sweeteners. Stick to natural sugar options instead.

7. Potassium Sorbate

potassium sorbate in foods

This is harder to find on labels, but it’s out there. And we need to avoid it at all costs.

Many scientists say this ingredient isn’t toxic. However, it’s an altered chemical with carcinogenic effects.

It’s commonly found in ice cream and baked goods. 

As one of the most prolific preservatives in the food industry, it is difficult to find an ice cream without potassium sorbate. However, it is not only recommended to avoid this chemical, it’s a necessity to eliminate it from our foods. 

Food and chemical toxicology reports have labeled potassium sorbate as a carcinogen, showing positive mutation results in the cells of mammals. Other studies have shown broad systemic and toxic effects on non-reproductive organs in animals. 

What Food Additives Are Harmful?

what food additives are harmful

These are the top 7 ingredients frequently included in our foods to avoid, but unfortunately there are many more.

I want you to also be on the lookout for these sneaky additives that have no nutritional value and damage health:

  • Soy Lecithin (eat only soy products that are non-GMO)
  • Polysorbate 80
  • Corn (OK if non-GMO)
  • Sodium chloride
  • Propyl Gallate
  • BHT & BHA

Harmful Food Ingredients

Now, if you haven’t already, head to the pantry, search out these items in packaged foods and toss them!

Don’t wait until they’re finished. Don’t even give it to a neighbor. Pitch it. Toss those highly processed items in the trash. Or take it back to the grocery store, letting them know you're allergic to it (it does harm your body, after all!) and get your money back.

You are worth feeding your body as if you’re royalty. Wait! You are royalty. You’re the child of the King of kings who loves you with an everlasting love! So, live like it.

That’s what the Treasures of Healthy Living are all about: eating for health.
3 principles

Avoiding these foods follows the 3 Principles of Healthy Living that are the key to excellent health. 

If you’re heard me say it once, you’re heard me say it a thousand times: God designed the best food, not science.

Eating Food Abundant Health

Most of what we see in grocery stores, however, are from a lab, not from nature. 

Our food industry has been taken over by scientists experimenting in labs to get cheaper and easier ingredients, not healthier foods. 

They want to increase profits and extend shelf life, not improve your health.

Lab experiments require rats, and I don’t want to be a lab rat. Do you?

Even though I’ve shared the information showing these ingredients cause harm to our organ systems, we’re more than a collection of organ systems.

What affects one system affects the whole body. 

These foods aren’t life-promoting. They’re life-inhibiting. They’re harming us even when we don’t realize it.

It may be a difficult change (especially for younger ones!), since these ingredients are created in such a way that causes our brains to crave them and expect these types of flavors.

Our brains won’t want to give up what we’ve been giving them (because they’re addicted to them), but when we hold out and are strong enough to make healthy changes, it’ll pay back in abundant health - mental, physical, and emotional. 

Years from now, you’ll be able to look back with gratitude - just like I have - and say, “Yes! I chose life and health.”

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