Raise Your Hands for Better Health

May 30, 2019

​Raise Your Hands for Better Health

​Raise Your Hands for Better Health

The Old Testament has always fascinated me. It contains numerous inspiring truths that I've always found amazing.

There are many stories I really love reading in the Old Testament but one particular story spoke to me when I was looking for guidance on better health.

Years back, I found myself affected by my husband’s difficulties. As a wife of a pastor, I have seen him feel weary, discouraged, and exhausted, going through tough times while serving in Church.

When those moments would arise, I would feel helpless. I had no idea how to make things easier for him. And so I decided to do one thing - I opened the Bible.

I prayed for guidance and as I did so, and God led me particularly to this story in Ezekiel 17.

​Discovering the Answer Through the Bible

​Discovering the Answer Through the Bible

​In the book of Ezekiel chapter 17, it talks about the battle between Amalek and Israel. As the battle goes on, Moses went up the mountain, along with Aaron and Hur. They watched the battle happen beneath them.

Moses raised his hands, and each time he kept them up, the Israelites would win.
But then, he got tired and felt hot because of the scorching heat of the sun. Aaron and Hur decided to give him a boulder to sit on while raising Moses’ arms to help the Israelites win.
Meanwhile, Israel rallied on to Joshua. They found new strength and defeated the people of Amalek.

The story inspired me to take action.
As my husband felt heavy because of his difficulties, I had the inspiration to help him up and come alongside him in his struggles.

I lifted his spirit up through prayer and prayed that the Lord would send more people like Aaron and Hur, who would help my husband continue his work for the Church and and the people.

And it worked.

The power of prayer never fails.

​My Journey to Health - Initial Struggles Before I Won the Battle

When I was first starting this journey to wellness, I found myself struggling just like how my husband struggled with his duties as a minister.

I saw myself like Moses.

Initially, I came out strong, leaning on my convictions. It helped me win the battle to supporting my family’s health.

But it did not last very long.

My first child came, and within two years, I was helping my husband full time. 

It was much more difficult than I thought.

Initial Struggles Before I Won the Battle

I found myself becoming tired and exhausted quickly. I was running through an endless loop of doing the same things over and over, not having time to rest, and worse, consuming processed foods because of the convenience.

I was also drinking a ton of caffeine to charge me up.

My battles were slowly getting the best of me. My arms were coming down slowly and steadily.

I was losing the war.

​Yes, You CAN Win Your Daily Battles! Here’s How…

​But amidst those challenges, despite my strength slowly failing me, I did one important thing:

I prayed to God.

And He brought people back into my life… People just like Aaron and Hur who helped me to get back on the right track.

These people sent to me by God supported me and gave me the encouragement I needed to win the battle.

They helped me “keep my hands raised” for better health.

​Your Challenge to Succeed in Achieving Better Health

​Can you related in this story?

Have you ever felt close to giving up until God sent help your way?
If you have found yourself starting all fired up but eventually losing steam, here’s what you can do:

​Your Challenge to Succeed in Achieving Better Health

​1. Pray for your very own Aaron and Hur.

​You need to have good, supportive friends to support you and hold you accountable for the things you do.

These people will encourage you and cheer you on towards your journey to good health.

​2. Get the inspiration from the Treasures of Healthy Living.

I offer a Bible Study at least twice a year. I either lead it or go through the study individually.
Each time I go through this Bible Study, God never fails to reveal to me new truths and discoveries that I share with others.

​3. Stay faithful in God’s word.

On a spiritual level, we need to stay faithful to God.

But at the same time, you need to also help yourself stay physically healthy. God will show you more of his wonders as you continue reading and trusting His word. 

​4. Pray.

​You are not alone in your journey.

God is with you every step of the way. So be sure to include him in your life and pray, open up your woes to the Lord.

He will give you the inspiration and the answer that you need.


​5. Subscribe to my channel. Seek for resources

​The Biblical Nutritionist channel is here to help you improve your health - physical, spiritual, emotional, mental.

I feature plenty of helpful videos that are packed with information and inspiration to keep you on the right track and moving into the direction of thriving health.

​Want to Be Healthy? Raise Your Hands for an Amazing Health!

​So, are you ready to leave the old YOU and welcome a healthier, happier, and more amazing YOU?

Then you know what to do…

Raise your hands for radiant health!

This blog was written by my dear friend and foodie: Rhonda Carroll. Her and I have traveled this journey together.

I’m here to come alongside your journey and to help you win your battles.
As always, I pray for you to be well and let me know what I can do to help. Chat soon!

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