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Why Christians Should Celebrate Shavuot

why christians should celebrate shavuot

Why Christians Should Celebrate Shavuot Most Christians today don’t celebrate or are knowledgeable about Jewish (Old Testament) holy days. Yet, there is great benefit to believers in digging into and experiencing the culture and meaning behind the various festivals. Today, we’re looking at why Christians should celebrate Shavuot. Perhaps you desire to know more or […]

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Questions About Flax Seed – Everything You Need To Know!

questions about flax seed

Questions About Flaxseed You Need To Know!Flaxseed has grown in popularity, and with it, people seeking to use flaxseed appropriately. This, naturally, elicits questions about flaxseed.I’ve covered the topic of flaxseed several times, including this short video on health benefits of flaxseed and simple recipes that use flaxseed and this video reviewing the top 11 benefits […]

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