Best Christian Gifts for the Holidays | Top 10 Christmas Gifts 2023

October 22, 2023

holiday gift ideas

The holiday season is upon us - and today is all about the top 10 best Christian gifts! 

As we gather with loved ones to celebrate the birth of Jesus and the profound significance of our faith, it's the perfect time to show our appreciation for those who hold a special place in our hearts. 

What better way to do so than by gifting them with meaningful presents that reflect the true spirit of the season?

So, we're rounding up a carefully curated selection of the best Christian gifts for the holidays, ensuring that your loved ones receive not only beautiful tokens of your affection but also reminders of their deep-rooted faith. 

From the awe-inspiring to the inspirational, these gifts will touch the heart, nurture the spiritual connection we share with our faith and with each other.

Whether you're celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, or any other holiday, finding the perfect gift can sometimes be a challenge. That's why we've taken the guesswork out of the equation, so you can focus on what truly matters – cherishing the moments spent with family and friends.

We've scoured a wide range of categories to bring you a comprehensive list of the best Christian gifts for every individual on your holiday list. From elegant jewelry bearing inspiring scripture to insightful devotional books that provide daily spiritual nourishment, our selection caters to every age and stage of life.

Here are our top ten recommended holiday gift ideas we are sure you and your loved ones will love!

Here we go!

1. Pray The Answer Not The Problem By Carol Graham

pray the answer book

"I didn't know what I was going to pray, just that God wanted me to pray for Peter in the ICU."

Carol walked into that ICU as the room felt like death. She left with a room filled with joy and lots of life. Peter woke up! 

Have you ever wondered what to pray? Have you ever wondered why it seems God does not answer?

Carol Graham's new book, "Pray The Answer Not the Problem," isn't just another title; it's a powerful source of inspiration and transformation that makes it the ideal present for your loved ones this holiday season.

Pray The Answer Not The Problem provides a unique perspective on prayer and faith. It invites readers to shift their focus from dwelling on problems to seeking and praying for solutions.

This powerful message resonates deeply during the holidays, a time when we often reflect on our hopes and dreams for the coming year.

Gifting "Pray The Answer Not the Problem" is more than just sharing a book; it's giving the gift of hope, positivity, and a renewed sense of purpose. Whether for a close friend, a family member, or even as a personal treat, this book has the potential to be the highlight of your holiday season, leaving a lasting impact on the heart and soul of the recipient.

So this year, give the gift of transformation and faith with Carol Graham's remarkable book, a gift that keeps on giving long after the holidays have come and gone.

Buy Pray The Answer Not The Problem here.

2. The Seven Foods of the Promised Land By Annette Reeder

seven foods

Why does God use food so often in Scripture? Is it just to fill the pages with words?

What if each food mentioned had a specific purpose to the biblical account?

In The Seven Foods of the Promised Land, Annette shares how each of the seven foods described in Deuteronomy 8 has a specific purpose in God's story of redemption.

Now, as you serve these foods from the delicious recipes in the back, you can share with your family the biblical truth of God's love.

If you're hunting for a thoughtful holiday gift that's easy to understand and rich in meaning, look no further. Annette Reeder's latest book, "The Seven Foods of the Promised Land," is a beautiful choice.

This book is a delightful blend of spirituality and health. It talks about seven special foods from the Bible and how they can bring goodness to our bodies. In the holiday season, when we reflect on what's essential, this book is a perfect gift.

So, this holiday season, consider giving the gift of wellness and spiritual growth with Annette Reeder's "The Seven Foods of the Promised Land." It's a heartfelt and lasting present that will be cherished and used for a lifetime.

Buy The Seven Foods Of The Promised Land book here.

3. Mo Judaica Jewelry

mo judaica

What if your gifts could also support Israel?

What if your jewelry could be a statement piece of your love for God's chosen people?

As the holiday season approaches, finding the right gift for your loved ones can be a joyful challenge. One beautiful and meaningful option is Mo Judaica Jewelry

Mo Judaica Jewelry offers a range of stunning, handcrafted pieces that carry deep spiritual significance. Jewish traditions and symbols inspire these jewelry items, making them perfect for those who celebrate Hanukkah or anyone who appreciates meaningful, unique jewelry.

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Whether it's a Star of David pendant or an olive branch silver ring, these pieces are a constant reminder of the wearer's spiritual journey and heritage.

Also, Mo Judaica Jewelry isn't just for others – it's a wonderful gift to give yourself. Treating yourself to a meaningful piece of jewelry can serve as a reminder of your own spiritual path and identity.

So, this holiday season, consider Mo Judaica Jewelry for those you care about and for yourself. It's a unique and personal way to celebrate faith and heritage, making the season even more special and memorable.

Buy Mo Judaica Jewelry here.

4. Artza Gift Box

artza gift box

Let's enjoy and support Israel at the same time! I so look forward to each box as it comes to my doorstep. And this season they filled it with the 7 Foods of the Promised Land! Sound familiar? Yes, as you read my new book: Seven Foods of the Promised Land, enjoy the date spread at the same time.

Consider Artza Gift Boxes as the perfect solution for both gifting to others and treating yourself!

Artza curates beautiful gift boxes that bring the Holy Land to your doorstep. They fill these boxes with authentic and handpicked items from Israel, making them an ideal present for those who appreciate unique, cultural gifts. 

 It's wonderful how just by opening one of these gift boxes, you get the chance to explore the sights, flavors, and traditions of Israel from the comfort of your home.

And here's a little treat for you... Use the coupon code BIBLICALNUTRITIONIST20 for fun savings!

Each box is a journey, offering a rich connection to the Holy Land.

But... don't forget to consider an Artza Gift Box for yourself! It's a wonderful way to explore a new culture, savor delicious snacks, and experience a piece of Israel, even if you can't be there in person.

So, this holiday season, why not share the joy and wonder of Israel with your loved ones and indulge in this unique experience for yourself? Artza Gift Boxes are the gift that keeps on giving, leaving lasting memories and a deep appreciation for a different part of the world.

Buy Artza Gift Boxes here.

5. Conquering Cancer Course

conquering cancer

Never again let the little 'c' word trump the capital 'C' (Christ)!  Cancer is a plague of our day, yet God has created our body to heal!
This new edition to our Biblical Nutrition Academy is a must for everyone.

We took the gems of the best teaching and combined it with the power of God's Word to bring to you the best recipe for excellent health, even during the challenge of cancer.

The Conquering Cancer Course offers essential knowledge about nutrition, health, and lifestyle choices that can aid in the battle to prevent and overcome cancer. By sharing this course with someone you care about, you're not just offering a gift; you're providing a chance for them to take control of their health and well-being.

Cancer is a concern that impacts many lives, and this course equips anyone with the knowledge and tools to make informed choices for prevention and wellness. It's a powerful gift that shows you care about your - and your loved one's - health.

So, this holiday season, consider the Conquering Cancer Course as a unique and thoughtful gift. It's an investment in health and knowledge that can make a significant impact on someone's life, including your own.

Buy Conquering Cancer Course here.

6. USA Pan

USA pan

I have loved these pans for years! They are the bomb in baking and cooking. Never worry about food sticking and no need to spray the pans.

The perfect baking and the perfect look. Now that takes baking to the professional level. These pans are so nice you can will them to your kids. They will look good for years to come.

That's why USA Pan makes an excellent choice for a gift that's both thoughtful and practical.

USA Pan offers a fantastic range of baking pans and sheets known for their top-notch quality.

No wonder they build these pans to last! Plus, they provide consistent, even baking, ensuring that the dishes come out just right.

The joy of cooking and baking is something that many people cherish during the holiday season. USA Pan can make that experience even more fun.

So if you think about it, this a gift that keeps on giving, as it will be used time and time again!

Whether you have a loved one who enjoys baking cookies, bread, or roasting vegetables, or someone who's just exploring the world of cooking, USA Pans are a versatile and practical gift.

Buy USA Pan here.

7. Fun Foodie Aprons


Let's make a statement in the kitchen! We are cooking an Amen Day!

The Biblical Nutritionist aprons with messages like "I'm cooking an Amen Day" and "Taste and see that the Lord is good" are the perfect choice for a meaningful present for your loved ones.

These aprons not only serve a practical purpose but also carry uplifting messages that remind us of the importance of faith and gratitude, especially during the holidays.

Whether your loved ones are seasoned cooks or just exploring the kitchen, these aprons add a touch of inspiration to their cooking experience. They are made with quality and care, ensuring they stand the test of time.

Plus, they serve as a constant reminder of faith and thankfulness. It's a beautiful way to spread love, hope, and spirituality during the holiday season... and beyond!

Buy Fun Foodie aprons here.

8. Stickers

TBN stickers

The Biblical Nutritionist stickers, adorned with inspiring messages, are a delightful choice for offering joy and faith to those you cherish.

These stickers are small tokens of inspiration that carry big messages. Whether they're adorned with verses from the Bible, uplifting quotes, or messages of gratitude, these stickers remind us of the power of faith, love, and positive thinking.

Stickers can be a charming addition to a variety of items, from notebooks and laptops to water bottles and even phone cases. Your loved ones can carry these messages with them every day, providing a constant source of motivation and faith.

Don't forget to consider these stickers for yourself as well. They're an excellent way to spread positivity and carry messages of hope with you everywhere you go.

3 sticker designs available!

Measures 3 inches, premium waterproof vinyl sticker. Click on the images below to buy.

9. Amare Kids Calm

amare kids calm

Put an end to the bedtime battles and gift your loved ones a holiday season filled with calm and peaceful nights. Amare Kids Calm is the key to promoting relaxation, both in the mind and body, when it's time to unwind and rest.

"My son sleeps in his own bed all night now! And he is in such a better mood in the morning! This makes my day so much better now that he is sleeping. First time in 9 years!"  Amanda

Crafted with a blend of essential B and D vitamins, this supplement calms the mind and the body.

But it doesn't stop there. The real magic lies in its unique ingredients that boost the body's natural production of melatonin – the sleep-inducing hormone.

With Amare Kids Calm, you can ensure your little ones (and even yourself) have a better night's sleep!

They can fill the holidays with excitement and anticipation, and sometimes, this can make winding down for sleep a challenge. Amare Kids Calm comes to the rescue, gently encouraging relaxation, so your loved ones can experience restful and restorative nights during this special season.

Buy Amare Kids Calm here.

10. Beta Glucan & Vitamin D3

beta glucan

Give the gift of health and wellness to you an your loved ones!

Beta Glucan 500

Beta Glucan is a natural nutrient found in foods, yet when healing needs to happen quickly, taking a supplement can bring a more potent Beta Glucan than just relying on foods naturally.

Studies show, this specific beta glucan - Beta Glucan 500 is 16x more effective than its top competitors, you can rest assured knowing you are taking a product that is truly backed by scientific research.

Beta Glucan Cream

beta glucan cream

Beta Glucan cream penetrates 7 layers deep for complete healing of the skin.

This specially crafted blend targets all skin layers, replenishing and preserving moisture, resulting in a smoother, more elastic feel to your skin.  

Through a unique formulation, it enhances hydration and minimizes moisture loss by establishing a Three Dimensional Network within the epidermis.

Unlike most moisturizers that solely rely on alpha-hydroxy-acid, which can potentially cause irritation, our patented cream incorporates Beta Glucan, significantly reducing dehydration caused by this acid.

Additionally, Glucan acts as a shield against harmful ultraviolet radiation, amplifying the protective benefits of sunscreen for your skin.

If I had any skin issues or infections, abrasions, or dermatitis - this is the product of choice. Use a small amount for great results.

Vitamin D3

In our Inner Circle, we offered everyone this Vitamin D product and asked them to test prior to starting and then again at the end of 2 months.

The results were astonishing!Almost everyone doubled their Vitamin D and brought their numbers up to an optimal level!Studies show women who have a Vitamin D level above 60 have an 83% less occurrence of breast cancer.

When Vitamin D is made in a gel cap, as in this product, K2 is not necessary.

Buy Beta Glucan here.

Buy Vitamin D here.

My Prayer For You This Holiday Season

So there you have it - 10 of the best Christian gifts for the holidays. If you are like me, I chose them all! And I love gifts I can use all year long. I pray you love the inspiration in each of these gifts as they were chosen with you in mind.

I truly hope you find joy in this list, just as I have in sharing it with you.

In today's world, we have a unique opportunity to spread Christ's love far and wide.

With so much darkness around, it's the perfect time to let our light shine!

Last year, I put together a collection of the best gift ideas for your loved ones (or yourself). I wasn't sure if I could surpass it, but I'm thrilled with the gifts on this year's 2023 list.

These presents bring deep meaning to the holiday season, and they will delight.

The most precious gift for me is you! Your journey to see Jesus as your true Savior is a gift beyond measure.

Explore these pages to learn more about God's boundless love for you.

Keep in mind, there's only one true God, and He cares for you deeply!

He'll always be by your side, loving you forever.

Wishing you abundant blessings this season.

You mean a lot to me, my dearest friends.

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