Nutrition Curriculum for Homeschool: Treasures of Healthy Living

September 3, 2020

Homeschooling is a great adventure! So is learning to enjoy the foods God has given us and teaching them to our children. That’s why I’m so excited today to share about a wonderful nutrition curriculum for homeschool: Treasures of Healthy Living for Students.

Perhaps you’ve been homeschooling for years. Maybe you’re one of the thousands of families diving into homeschooling for the first time. Or possibly you’re not homeschooling, but would love to teach your children about healthy living.

No matter the circumstances, this curriculum is a great addition to this year’s learning.

Health and nutrition are not always on the checklist for school, yet this is one of the most important areas to teach children. These lessons will last a lifetime!

Want to learn and share valuable lessons on how to eat healthy and include the basics of God designed food? 

The treasure is here!

Want your children learning easier and with better recall? Food is a topic of choice that’ll provide answers and tools. 

I’ve spent years studying, applying, and sharing how to get healthy from the inside out. 

I say it all the time: I’m passionate about teaching people how to live vibrant, dynamic lives through abundant health. Today, I’m excited to share how to pass that wealth of information along to your students!

God has given us many tools to help restore our health when it’s poor – when we’re chronically fatigued, moody, achy, and/or sluggish. 

He doesn’t want us feeling draggy all the time, or being prone to illnesses. No! Instead, He wants to help us get and keep healthy.

He wants us to have energy, exude joy and peace, complete our tasks and responsibilities with ease, and have great stamina.

This is true for our physical health, but also spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. 

Food matters!

We are more than what we eat. Yet what we eat determines every area of our day and life.

What we eat impacts how much energy we have. Our emotional stability. Our perseverance, resilience, and endurance.

Plus what we eat improves the ability to learn. Do your children wish they could learn faster and with better memory recall?  

I’m excited to share a way parents and teachers can not only learn these truths, but to also teach them to their students.

Treasures of Healthy Living Bible Study – The Adult Nutrition Curriculum for Homeschool

Treasures of Healthy Living Bible Study - The Adult “Curriculum”

One of my favorite resources to share with people is the Treasures for Healthy Living Bible Study. In this book, I lay out the treasure of information God has provided for vibrant health and living. Lest someone think this book is full of concepts and ideas that may change just their thinking, I’ll add reassurance here that it is chock full of practical, easy-to-implement ideas.

Some of the topics covered in the Bible study are:

  • Food Laws – do they matter today?
  • Whole Grains
  • Drinking for Health
  • Eating Organically & Colorfully
  • Herbs in the Bible
  • Fasting
  • Natural Sweeteners
  • Mental, Emotional, & Spiritual Health
  • Foodie Fridays

I hope you’re excited to learn about these topics and more! This is only a sampling of the rich treasures we seek out and discover in this book.

There’s a lot about food in this Bible study, but there’s also so much more. It covers a wide variety of areas related to health and nutrition, providing in-depth information which help guide its readers to abundant life and vibrant health.

So, is the Bible study for parents or students?


Let me explain.

Homeschooling Nutrition Curriculum

Homeschooling Nutrition Curriculum

This health and nutrition Bible study was written and geared toward adults, but even older teenagers will have no problems completing it.

Does that mean this curriculum only people aged 14 and up can complete it?


That’s because we have an additional resource. A book created to help parents teach this important, life-changing health and nutrition information to their children of any age. 

Let me introduce the Treasures of Healthy Living Teacher’s Manual.

This “Tour Guide” has what parents needed to share these valuable health and nutrition lessons with their children and make them fun. 

There are several options to choose from in how to work the program based on each child’s age, maturity, and development:

  • Read the Bible study independently
  • Have the Bible study read to them
  • Summarize the main points

Once a student has the information from the Bible study, then they can get to work! Fun work that will help improve everyone’s health.

The nutrition curriculum for homeschool has 24 easy to follow sessions with a bundle of resources. Each lesson covers half of a week from the Bible study.

For example:

  • Even lessons cover days 1-3 of each Bible study week
  • Odd lessons (with the exception of Lesson 1, which covers the introduction) cover days 4 & 5 and a fun section called Fabulous Foodie Friday

This will help the teacher and the student keep a steady pace of learning truths about good nutrition and have plenty of time to implement the activities.

How Much Time does it Take?

That depends on what works for each family. One lesson a week is a very doable pace, but two or three or even five lessons could be completed in a week. It’s totally up to what works for the family.

How long does each lesson take?

Depending on the age of the student(s) and what exercises are chosen, lessons should last from 1 ½ hours to 3 hours. 

However, plan a little bit more time when trying out the recipe suggestions. It’s worth it! Also, incorporating the recipes into a normal routine of preparing meals and snacks (just add it to the menu!) makes it simple to use the new learning recipes.

Homeschool Nutrition Course Details

Homeschool Nutrition Course Details

Before investing in a nutrition curriculum for homeschool, it’s always helpful to get a glance first to know what it tastes like.

What does each health and nutrition-based lesson entail? 

Everything necessary to be equipped to teach, demonstrate, and reinforce these biblically-based nutrition lessons!

Which includes:

How to prepare for each lesson. 

The first section in each lesson is what the parent/teacher needs to be prepared. This section includes:

    • What to read in preparation
    • What health videos (if any) to have keyed up
    • Activity suggestions to prepare before the lesson
    • Activity suggestions for older students
    • Food to have on hand

As a parent, one of the most helpful tools any curriculum (or activity, sport, or daily living responsibilities, for that matter) can provide is how to set yourself up for success. That’s what this first part of each lesson is all about. 

This is something that can be read the day before, the morning of, or several days in advance to make sure all the resources, materials, and ingredients are on hand for each nutrition and health lesson.

How to Put the Lessons into Practice

How to Put the Lessons into Practice

This section provides step-by-step instructions for each lesson. It includes guidance on:

    • What to read in the Bible study
    • How to pray around that lesson, including a scripture reference that relates to the lesson
    • What activities in the Bible study to review, which often includes questions or a worksheet that reinforces the new information
    • What video(s) to watch that correspond with that lesson

Putting the health and nutrition lessons into practice is the part of the study that is the meat of the work. This is where the learning begins with new concepts and tools for absorbing them. 

In other homeschool curriculum, this would be the majority, if not all of the lesson. But we have more than just what to read, what to watch, and questions to answer. We have hands-on activities and interactive exercises. 

These help us gather the treasures of healthy living and put them in a treasure box for a lifetime of benefit.

Taking the Treasures

This section includes ideas for extending the truths of each week’s topic beyond the lesson and into a practical application that can be used in real-life long-term.

The different areas of this section include:

    • Discussion – Ideas for discussing the topics studied in each lesson are given, including ways to make the concepts personal and applicable to each person in the family.
    • Head to the kitchen – This fun part of each lesson offers suggestions for recipes (which can be found in the Treasures of Living Cookbook) to try out that relate to the health and nutrition truths covered.
    • Pass it on – Here we share ideas of how to bless other people (family members, neighbors, co-workers) with the fruits of each lesson. Suggestions range from making gift packs, to giving away jars of local honey, to gathering people to share in your treasure.
    • Review Action Plan – This section is found on occasion throughout the manual. The purpose is to reinforce being intentional and to keep a record of progress made. As we see in one place what we’ve learned and how we’ve progressed, we are encouraged to stay steadfast in the journey.
    • Assign – Just as its name implies, this section gives the reading that should be done before the next lesson.

Benefits of Treasures of Healthy Living Nutrition Homeschool Curriculum

Benefits of Treasures of Healthy Living Nutrition Homeschool Curriculum

Has your excitement and enthusiasm for adding a nutrition curriculum been sparked? 

I hope so! Learning about getting healthy God’s way and how He provides what we need to live abundant lives is a thrilling adventure.

Even if homeschooling isn’t on the agenda, there’s still every reason to jump on board. Anyone can add this study and curriculum to their must-have list!

These abundant treasures are waiting to be plucked up and gathered.

I haven’t even talked about how fun crafts, games, crosswords, and other activities are! There’s even a Jeopardy-style game at the end to review all of the topics.

As a bonus, feel free to copy and share all of the material in this curriculum among all students. There are no workbooks to fill out and toss away after use. It can be shared, reused, and passed along.

Isn’t that the best part of a treasure? That when it’s abundant we can enjoy it AND give it away.

Have you noticed how multisensory this program is? There’s something for the visual learner, auditory learner, kinesthetic learner. Students have a chance to read, watch, listen, and participate in hands-on learning.

So much thought has gone into helping parents take health and nutrition lessons from ideas to practical, beneficial, vibrant life skills.

Imagine the Impact of a Nutrition Curriculum for Homeschool

Envision sitting at your dinner table talking about what everyone learned in school that day, enjoying a cranberry, feta, and spinach salad with Oriental Orange Dressing, some homemade bread, and dipping oil seasoned with fresh herbs.

Imagine using the health and nutrition curriculum to talk about why you made those recipes and how the ingredients are talked about in the Bible.

Still, yet, imagine your children being able to learn and share information about the differences between healthy and unhealthy fats.

That’s what this book, this health curriculum that acts as a tour guide to discover abundant health does.

I hope you will add it to your school resource list for this year and let me know how it blesses your family!

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