Best Health and Nutrition Homeschool Curriculums

July 19, 2022

best health and nutrition homeschool curriculums

In teaching your kids about health, having a Bible-based curriculum is so important for us Christian homeschooling parents. I know, because I homeschooled my kids for 10 years.

But finding a good, solid, and FUN health and nutrition curriculum can be interesting!

In today’s article, I’m going to share the top homeschool health curriculums that your kids will love.

These will help instill the importance of God’s recipe of excellent health in your kids all while having fun along the way.

Let’s check them out!

What Can I Teach in Health Homeschooling?

what can i teach in health nutrition

Many parents wonder, what counts as health when homeschooling?

The subject of health includes everything from proper hygiene to fitness and nutrition.

Basically, our kids need to understand how their bodies work, what foods most benefit them, and how to properly care for themselves.

To accomplish this, we need to supply them with the right curriculum!

Thankfully, there are great options available for Christian homeschoolers. Here are my favorites.

The Best Health and Nutrition Curriculums for Homeschool

best health and nutrition curriculums

These three health and nutrition courses are not only fun and enjoyable for kids, but they come from trustworthy Christian sources and are all based on God’s Word.

They are:

  • The Treasures of Healthy Living Studies

  • Abeka Health Courses 

  • Lifepac Health Quest

Here’s a breakdown of each:

The Treasures of Healthy Living Study Set

treasures of healthy living

The Treasures of Healthy Living Study set has two levels:

  1. A treasure hunt of activities and information for elementary-age kids
  2. Deep dives into living a healthy lifestyle with God for teens

If you are looking for a hands-on approach to learning, besides academics, the Treasures of Health home study resources are an excellent pick for homeschooling.

Here’s the breakdown of these resources:

A Treasure Hunt of Activities and Information

For kids that can read up to about age 13, the Treasures of Healthy Living Study and teacher’s manual Tour Guide will give kids biblically-based healthy foundations to build a life on. 

Treasures of Healthy Living study is designed like a treasure map, so kids will love hunting through God’s word to discover His treasures of health. It is chock full of incredible nutrition facts, healthy and delicious recipes, and Bible-based strategies for guarding and building health. 

The Tour Guide, which is a teacher’s manual and companion book, gives parents and teachers step-by-step guidance to ensure their kids are learning the most important elements.

The Tour Guide also contains twenty-four student lessons (perfect for every other week schedule) that include activities for students of all ages, discussion starters, and fun ways to practice what’s learned and pass it on to others.

You can learn more about this bundle set here.

The Treasures of Health Bundle

Older kids, around age 13 and above, will benefit most from the Treasures of Health full Bundle Set which includes:

  1. The Treasures of Health Nutrition Manual
  2. The Treasures of Healthy Living Bible Study
  3. and the Healthy Treasures Cookbook

These books used together will lay a solid health foundation for life. Everything from supplements, cooking, and how God intimately cares for your aspiring adult’s abundant health and wellness.

The Treasures of Health Nutrition Manual is a jam-packed guide to everything your adolescent needs to understand the fundamentals of nutrition. They’ll learn what best nurtures their bodies, what foods have the highest nutritional value, simple home remedies for common issues, and all about vitamins and how they help us thrive. 

To tie it all together, the Treasures Bible Study and the Healthy Treasures Cookbook will teach them life skills in cooking, avoiding addictions, and God’s recipe for a healthy life.

In addition to the books for study, there’s also a Group Tour Leader’s Guide to help parents or another teacher with learning activity ideas and additional guidance through the books.

You can learn more about this curriculum here.

Abeka Health Course


Next up is Abeka’s Health Course

If you have been involved with homeschooling for any length of time, you’ve probably heard of Abeka. Abeka publishes Christian curricula for kids of all ages and their work is always Bible-based and God-focused.

Their Health Course offers year-by-year curriculums, starting at first grade all the way up through seventh. Kids learn about health, safety, and manners, plus how to choose and develop good health. 

If you want a solid textbook option (with worksheets, tests, activity books, and quizzes) these books will give your kids a comprehensive foundation of how God designed their bodies and how to care for them!


Abeka’s Health Course is ‌used alongside Abeka’s science courses for elementary level kids. Keep this in mind if you plan on using them!

Lifepac Health Quest


Lifepac’s Health Quest books teach kids about the body systems, hygiene, nutrition and food groups, safety and disease prevention, and the stewardship of God's creation. 

Health Quest is a four-year curriculum with the course covering grades 4-7. If your child is in that range, this is a great option. Each unit deals with a different aspect of health: mental health, physical health, nutrition and food groups, etc. 

I love that kids can feel like they’re embarking on an adventure (similar to Treasures!) and that the course covers so many important elements of health.

The curriculum can also include answer keys, teacher’s guides, self-tests, and more. (This is always a plus for homeschooling parents.) 

But you can also pick and choose what you want, which is great if you plan on buying for more than one grade.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few common questions that will help you decide which curriculum will most benefit your kids at their current levels.

What is the best homeschool health curriculum for elementary level kids?

Of the three I mentioned, Abeka’s Health Course and the Treasures of Healthy Living are best for elementary level kids.

Abeka’s Health Course covers grades 1-7. And Treasures can be adapted across several ages as well (the Tour Guide companion book can help you do this).

If you prefer a textbook style approach, Abeka is a good pick for you. 

If you prefer a more hands-on approach with lots of fun food facts, recipes, and Bible study, Treasures is a great option!

What are good health and nutrition curriculum options for middle school homeschoolers?

Both Lifepac’s Health Quest and Treasures of Healthy Living are great for middle-schoolers.

Lifepac’s Health Quest covers grades 4-7. Kids can breeze through the shorter units independently or with supervision. 

With Treasures of Healthy Living as well as the companion Tour Guide, discussion starters will get engaging conversations going with your middle schooler as they dive deep into God’s wonderful Word about health. These can be done in a group setting or one-on-one. 

Treasures of Healthy Living is especially great for middle schoolers who love working in the kitchen and baking!

Which homeschool health curriculum is best for high school?

For high school students, the best option is the Treasures of Healthy Living Bundle Set. 

This includes the Treasures of Healthy Living Bible Study, the Nutrition Manual, and the Healthy Treasures Cookbook. The Group Tour Leader’s Guide is a great companion book to use with these. Together, this collection counts toward Science, Nutrition, Health, and the Bible. 

The Nutrition Manual is a very in-depth and robust health/body manual. Kids need to know how to cook in life, and they’ll learn that with this book. Plus, the overall set of books will help your kids connect how God and health are united. This will serve them all their lives!

Complete with journaling prompts, reflection activities, nutrition facts, delicious recipes, and more, this comprehensive curriculum will equip your high schooler with biblical truth about God, their body, and health.

Plus, there are also the Treasures of Healthy Living video lessons, which are great if your high schooler is a visual learner. 


Homeschooling gives you the priceless opportunity to make a lasting impression on your children’s education.

When you make learning about health fun and enjoyable, your kids will carry those lessons into the rest of their lives!

One day, they’ll thank you for teaching them how to pursue God’s best for their health – and they’ll never forget how fun it was doing it! Choose your health curriculum with this in mind and you won’t go wrong.

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