We’re Expanding Our Outreach!

February 21, 2022

Biblical Wellness Ministry

God has called us to make a greater impact and we need your help!

This year is the beginning of our biggest outreach yet - Biblical Wellness Ministry

“I was in tears as I heard you say God Loves Me”

“I have never looked at my eating from the view of the Bible before”

“Please pray for me”

“I live in South Africa – can you help me?”

“I lost 10 pounds for the first time in years – my church needs this and as a pastor’s wife for 25 years I have never learned how over eating can be a sin.”

These comments arrive at our office on a daily basis!

Now is it time to deliver the tools necessary for churches to answer these pleas for help around the world and to teach God's recipe for excellent health in their communities!

Jesus said to Peter – paraphrased: If you love me feed my sheep.

The Biblical Nutritionist team is doing just that – feeding the sheep. It starts with food, recipes, stories, nutrition, health and sharing God’s love for dessert!

Because of the outpouring of responses we need your help! The intensity continues to grow and we need to be able to respond and share the Gospel.


Biblical Wellness Ministry Startup Campaign

  • $250.00 Raised
    of $25,000.00

Programs We'll Offer

Those who have been through our programs and are ready to teach healthy living in their communities can become either a Biblical Wellness Ambassador or a Biblical Wellness Coach! Ambassadors will be given the tools to lead Bible studies and cooking classes. Coaches will receive training on how to mentor clients one-on-one.

We know that to serve well, our bodies need to be well. I am so excited to offer Pastor Wellness Coach which will give pastor's resources and encouragement to care for their physical, emotional, and mental health!

Your Gifts Will Make a Difference!

Helping those on the front line such as pastors, missionaries and pastor's wives has been on my heart for years. Getting it off the ground has been a big financial endeavor. 

We need your help. Financial gifts will help us design, launch and implement this amazing program needed by so many.

It is our mission to make all options affordable. Your continued donations will help us launch and allow these outreaches to continue!

Thank you for praying as we follow God's next step for this ministry! Thank you for your generous support!

Biblical Wellness Ministry Startup Campaign

  • $250.00 Raised
    of $25,000.00
  • Kudos!!! Thank you for listening to Him. Yes, this is much needed. Yes, this has to be VERY affordable. Yes, I am interested in more information on both options.

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