Emotional Freedom

Emotions - Can you trust your emotions?  Do your friends say you are too emotional?

Do your emotions control your life? Or do you believe they do?

Emotions can be powerful.
They guide us or inhibit us, and, yet, best of all, connect us. 

They affect us mentally, as well as physically and spiritually. Best news is, we can learn to understand and control emotions.

Emotions are not supposed to control us or our circumstances - they are designed to enhance pleasure.

The emotions of joy, laughter, happiness, contentment, peace, amusement, hope, and gratitude are expressions we choose. These are all emotions God designed for us to express pleasure in Him and His creation. AND these emotions are all an option for us to express.

Emotions are optional!

The emotions of anger, sadness, fear, rage, loneliness, annoyance, and disgust are also emotions we choose to express. These emotions can build until the release valve shutters and explodes.

Knowing how to control emotions instead of our emotions controlling us is an important aspect of living the abundant life.

To see emotions as a byproduct of our beliefs creates a stability that explains why God's Word teaches self-control leads to godliness. Emotional stability is the quickest way to find peace.

Here are some blog posts and videos to explore emotions and the best way to let emotions flavor your day and not direct your ways.

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Videos On Emotional Freedom

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