Questions About the Bible Diet – Episode #139

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Discover what is the Bible diet – what it does, how it’s done, and everything else you need to know about it.

Today it’s about answering your questions. And the questions that were asked today are what is the Bible diet and fasting. So this is one of my most important lessons that I want to share with you. Fasting is so important to your walk. As a Christian or even understanding Christianity. Fasting plays a key role, and then understanding the Bible diet.

1.Is there a Bible study guide that walks through the Bible with weight loss? – Jenny

I totally understand what you’re asking. And I understand what the answer is. Because I was there. I was very obese, I had lots of problems with depression and not so much anxiety. But just being overweight causes a depression of its own. Yet I look like normal people in church. But I was fat. I remember many comments that were very hurtful from close family members or from friends, friends that I was growing up with friends that I had met later in life. And I pretty much just hid myself. And a friend challenged me to look at the Bible for my answers. And I thought, No, the Bible doesn’t really explain what I need to know about losing weight. But yet it did.

I was introduced to three principles. These principles were originally written by Dr. Rex Russell, and with his blessing, I have been able to teach these principles around the world. These principles are the ones that I use with all of my clients in all of my books to help people lose weight. Here are the principles for you. Number one, eat the foods that God called food for you. Number two, eat these foods is close to the way he designed it. And number three, don’t let any food become an addiction. Seriously, those three principles helped me lose 60 pounds. And I have kept off pretty much about 55 to 60 pounds of that since 2003.

And you can get those three principles with some helpful teachings of my own from the seven steps to be amazing biblical health on my website…
I also wrote a book called the treasures of Healthy Living Bible study… . In that Bible study, we go from Genesis to Revelation, and discover all of the verses that God wrote about food.

Then finally, the 40 day transformation spiritually and physically…

2. How hard is it to fast? – Michelle

Fasting is not a food issue. It’s a belief issue. Yes, we have food addictions and lifestyle habits that change dramatically while fasting. Yet fasting starts in the mind first. Remember, Daniel made up his mind first too fast, or in his case to not eat the king’s food before he proclaimed it? Is it hard? Now I have several videos to help you through fasting successfully… . And we also have a course on fasting for spiritual and physical strength…. These are just some great tools to help you.

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