Questions about Fasting – What To Know Before You Fast

April 18, 2021

questions about fasting

Last year I began the Biblical Nutrition Academy podcast. The questions began pouring in, so several months ago I made Saturdays Q and A day. Now, I’m bringing those questions to my blog, because I’d guess many of you ask the same things. And today, we’re starting with questions about fasting.

Before we dive into the fasting questions I’ve received, let me ask you a few.

- Have you ever fasted?

- If so, did you fast for a short (1 day) or long (21-40 days) period?

- Do you make fasting a regular part of your routine (otherwise known as intermittent fasting)?

- What benefits have you received from fasting?

- What do you know about fasting?

- Would you like to know more?

Fasting is found throughout the Bible and spoken of as if it were common knowledge among God’s people. There was an expectation that they would fast. Jesus himself said, “when you fast.”

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Fasting: A Valuable Tool for Health

Yet, fasting has become a lost discipline in the lives of many Christians. Often, a believer can go decades, or even their whole life without hearing about fasting or being encouraged to practice fasting.

However, over the last couple of decades, the medical world has realized the benefits of fasting and the concept has made a comeback, albeit in a secular fashion.

There are many physical and spiritual benefits to fasting, giving us a cornucopia of reasons to engage in this discipline.

Still, even when people know about fasting and the great benefits of it, they hold off. Often, this is due to a lack of confidence or presence of doubts. 

Instead of letting these mindsets stop you, let today be an Amen Day! 

Embrace fasting and the amazing changes it can make in you. 

Check out my other posts on fasting for more information and encouragement, but in the meantime, I hope these answered questions help you today.

Answers to Questions about Fasting

Here are the common questions about fasting that you may want to know to get started.

1. How hard is it to fast?

This is a great question I often get asked. The answer depends on a variety of factors. However, it starts in the mind.

Like with weight loss, eating healthy, or living a healthy lifestyle,fasting isn’t a food issue. It’s a belief issue.

Food is a huge part of life. We need food to survive and thrive, but too often food becomes a central focus in our lives. Food addiction is a huge problem in our society.

Fasting is one tool that helps break the stronghold of an unhealthy relationship with food.

We’re forced to change poor lifestyle habits when we fast.

Fasting starts in the mind first.

Daniel made up his mind to fast, or in his case to not eat the king's food, before he proclaimed it.

Is it hard? Yes, it can be. But, YOU CAN DO IT!

I have several videos to help you through fasting successfully and we also have a course on fasting for spiritual and physical strength.

It will be hard the first time. Just as our muscles ache when we first work out, our mental muscles will ache when we want to eat and realize we’re in a time of fasting.

Yet, the more we do it, fasting regularly, the more our bodies adjust. Eventually, we’ll look forward to it!

The results will amaze you.

So if you start and say, “Annette, you were crazy. I can’t do this,” remember that’s a sign of a food addiction or a habit your mind doesn't want changed.

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Make a Fasting Plan

Make a plan and stick with it

Do it for a short time first. Try 14 hours.

Next, try from 5 pm one day to 5 pm the next. That’s a 24-hour fast.

When you feel good about that fast, move up to a 36-hour fast, which is missing meals for one complete day.

And advance from there.

Fasting has physical benefits, but it’s spiritual benefits far outweigh the physical.

This opens the door to a new discipline that has been forgotten in our churches.

You are about to see God in new ways.

You are going to be blessed.

2. Do your nutritional guidelines work with intermittent fasting?

Here's a question about fasting that someone asked me:

I started fasting last year during Rosh Hashanah and discovered it made me feel good in both a physical as well as the expected spiritual way. I've started incorporating it into my daily life. Will your nutritional guidelines work into this lifestyle?


What I teach is not my rules, but the simplicity of God’s design.

3 principles

The three principles of health living are:

- Eat the foods God called food for us.

- Eat them as close to His design as possible.

- Don’t let any food become an addiction.

These simple principles fit everyone, and fasting fits in perfectly. Especially since it helps us break food addictions.

Eating healthy is a physical preparation for what’s to come.

Fasting is a time of spiritual preparation for what’s to come.

Eating these foods brings healing physically.

Fasting is for healing, as it allows our body systems to take a break from their hard work (often overtime work!) and rejuvenate.

I encourage our 40-day Transformation Program, which is a very exciting group and growing quickly.

In this program and group, I encourage participants to fast 3 meals per week. This keeps us focused on eating only when we are hungry, stopping when we are satisfied, and also keeps us focused on the benefits that result from fasting. 

This is a great way to start fasting and prepares the heart, body, and mind for longer fasts.

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3. What happens to my muscles when I fast?

Experts say different things. One says if you exercise while fasting you will keep most muscle. Others disagree.

You are correct. There are numerous experts with widely varying opinions.

Whenever we have questions about life and health, God’s Word is the best first place to look.

What we see is Jesus fasted. Moses fasted. The entire Israelite nation fasted during Esther’s time as queen.

Muscles are building and working every day. 

We have been taught to eat continuously, even up to 6 times per day. Our muscles don’t need this much fuel. They need a healthy supply, but can also draw from reserves when we’re fasting without a wasting effect.

Every day you want to be strong is a day to exercise.

I don’t think anyone fasting for 40 days would feel like running a marathon, and yet, I wouldn't be surprised if they did.

Our bodies are remarkable and they like to give us what we’re working on.

When we exercise we’re helping our body remove toxins and build strength.

During a fast is no time to skip exercise.

Remember, no matter what you’re eating or fasting – only exercise on days you want mental clarity, muscle strength, and removing toxins.

Questions on Fasting

I hope the answers to these questions have encouraged you that fasting is possible for anyone. It doesn’t mean going without all food or without certain foods for an impossible period of time.

Fasting is a sacrifice, but that’s where the change comes from.

God loves you and has provided fasting as one of the many resources He’s provided for us to live an abundant, vibrant life.

I’d love to hear your questions on fasting and how God has used fasting in your life.

And don’t forget to check out the Biblical Nutrition Academy to learn more about fasting, prayer, eating, and more!
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